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New 2010/02/24 - US

edited February 2010 in eMusic New Releases
Tunecore, IODA, The Orchard, and CDBaby releases are not in bold type. CDBaby and The Orchard releases have search engine link.

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-123 min.- Dream - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
16 Bit Lolitas, Raz Nitzan- Feel I'm Falling - Electronic
3 Bucksworth- Indiana - Rock/Pop
57 State- Southbound - Rock/Pop
A Hollywood Legend- Into Open Arms We Welcome Our Transgressors - Alternative/Punk
A. Angeli, R. Gueli- The Chattering - Electronic
A.D.Terror- Turn It Out - New Age
A.K. Salim- Pretty for the People - Jazz
Aalborg Soundtracks- Aalborg Soundtracks, Vol. 5 - Soundtracks/Other
Aalborg Soundtracks- Aalborg Soundtracks, Vol. 5 - Soundtracks/Other
Aaron Newton- Two Rivers EP - Urban/HipHop
ABE- All The Way - Electronic
Absentia Lunae- Historia Nobis Assentietur (Original) - Rock/Pop
AC Soul Symphony- The Kinda Love - Electronic
Academic Chamber Orchestra Musica Viva Moscow- Vivaldi: Four Seasons - Classical
Academic Choir Glinka- Tchaikovsky: Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostomus, Op. 41 - Classical
Acidicy Vs Sireone- One For The Money - Rock/Pop
Acoustic Trio 3000- Yo Ho - Jazz
adam ezra group- View From The Root - Rock/Pop
Adam K, Soha- Questions - EP - Electronic
Adam Savage- Popular Girl - Rock/Pop
Adam Schock- Micro - Electronic
Ade Dickson- Plasticity - Rock/Pop
Adhd Rush- The Rush - Electronic
Adi Smolar- BREZ DLAKE NA JEZIKU - Rock/Pop
Adi Smolar- JAZ SEM NOR - Rock/Pop
Adolf Fredriks Ungdomskör- Från mörker till ljus - cdbs - World/Reggae
Advanced Sleep Music- Sleep Music 2.0 - Electronic
Aeden- Distant Memories - Electronic
Afenginn- Bastard Etno - orchsrch - Country/Folk
After The Fire- Der Kommissar (Re-Recorded / Remastered) - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
After Touch- Where You Belong - New Age
Ageless- Reasons (feat. Vince Las Casas & Reyle Cardino) - Rock/Pop
Agrypnie- 16[485] - Rock/Pop
Akira Kayosa & Eldritch Project- Alpha State EP - Rock/Pop
Alba da la clozza- Na Jada Intuorn - Rock/Pop
Albatross Overdrive- Albatross Overdrive - Rock/Pop
Alberto Damiani- Scusate il Ritardo - Rock/Pop
Alberto Lizzio- More Classics at the Movies - Classical
Alberto Lizzio- Zen Classics Meditative Melodies from East and West - Classical
Alberto Lizzio- Classics at the Movies - Classical
Alberto Vazquez- El Pecador - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Alberto Vazquez- Peligro - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Alberto Vazquez- Ay Carino - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Alee- Electric Passion - Electronic
Alex Aldama- Alex Aldama - Rock/Pop
Alex Fain- Don't Bring Me Down - Electronic
Alex Fain- Some Lovin' (feat. Nic Kat) - Electronic
Alexander Benikowski- Disharmony - Electronic
Alexander Dmitriev- Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini - Classical
Alexander Rudin- Radiance: Morning Blend - Classical
Alexander Utterson- Sunny Side Up - Electronic
Alexander von Pitamic- Radiance: Classics for Yoga - Classical
Alexandre Cunha- Bate papo - World/Reggae
Alexandre Ebel- A Sound - Electronic
Alexandre Magnin, Baroque Strings Zürich & Frank Gassmann- Antonio Vivaldi - J.J. Quantz, Concertos for Flute & Orchestra - orchsrch - Classical
Alfakraft- Transmission From Hell - Electronic
Alfonso Padilla- Bilirrubina EP - Electronic
Alfred Scholz- Liszt: Les Préludes - Tasso - Orpheus - Other Orchestra Works - Classical
Alfred Scholz, London Festival Orchestra- Wagner: Flying Dutchman Overture - Tannhauser Overture - Die Meistersinger Overture - Classical
Alfred Scholz, London Festival Orchestra- Bizet: Carmen, Opera Suite - Classical
Alfred Sommer- Beethoven: Cello Sonatas Nos. 1-5 - Classical
ALIBI MONTANA- T'as ma parole - Urban/HipHop
ALIBI MONTANA- Mandat de dépôt - Urban/HipHop
Alice Peach- Plagiarist - Rock/Pop
Alicia De Larrocha- Albeniz: Iberia Suites - Classical
Alix Perez/Specific- Dubrock/Love Bug - Electronic
All at RISK- All At Risk - Alternative/Punk
Alle DJ- Afroflute (Extended Mix) - Electronic
Aloha- Take Me Home - New Age
Alpenlandische Musiziergruppen und Voksliedgruppe- Alpine Folk Songs - Classical
Alpin Hong- Friend Taskmaster Teacher: Music for Solo Piano - Classical
Alta Buddha- Thai Trance Vol.3 - Rock/Pop
Alun Francis- Tchaikovsky: Symphonies No. 5 & 6 - Classical
Alzbeta Plaskurova- Gluck: Trio Sonatas Nos. 1 - 8 - Classical
AMARFIS Y LA BANDA DE ATAKKE- To' Eso E' Tuyo - World/Reggae
Amauri Falabella- Amauri Falabella - World/Reggae
American Bad Ass- All Summer Long- Kid Rock Tribute - Rock/Pop
An Na- Phantom - Electronic
Ana Biaze- Movimento - World/Reggae
Ana Fridman- Notas de um sem tempo - World/Reggae
Analog Workshop- Premonition (EP) - Electronic
Andiamo- Love, from Italy - Soundtracks/Other
Andre Rieu- Dreaming - New Age
Andre Rieu- Christmas Around the World - Soundtracks/Other
Andre Rieu- At the Movies - Soundtracks/Other
Andre Rieu- The Flying Dutchman - Classical
Andre Rieu- Live in Vienna - Classical
Andre Rieu- Live At Radio City - Classical
Andre Rieu- The Homecoming! - Classical
Andre Rieu- Tuscany - Classical
Andre Rieu- Live in Dublin - Classical
Andreas Vollenweider- The Magical Journeys of Andreas Vollenweider - New Age
Andreas Vollenweider- Book of Roses - New Age
Andreas Vollenweider- Magic Harp - New Age
Andreas Vollenweider- Down to the Moon - New Age
Andreas Vollenweider- Andreas Vollenweider and Friends: 25 Years Live 1982-2007 - New Age
Andreas Vollenweider- Vox - New Age
Andreas Vollenweider- Dancing With The Lion - New Age
Andrew Dawn Meets DJ Slizer- Around the sun - Electronic
Andrew Hubbard- Pachelbel's Canon In D (PWC 37, T. 337, Pc 358) - Blues
Andrew Zed- Travel In Time With An UFO - Electronic
Angel Gang- Angel Gang (Live) - Rock/Pop
Angelica Maria- Coleccion De Oro - Aniceto Molina - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Angelica Maria- Con Un Beso Pequenisimo - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Animatronique- Stasis - Electronic
Anita Rosamond- Timeless - Soundtracks/Other
Anita Rosamond- Keep Liftin' Me Higher - LIVE! - Rock/Pop
Ann Hampton Callaway- After Ours - Jazz
Annie Marie Dolan- Heart To Heart - Country/Folk
Another Lost Civilization- Square Song - Electronic
Another Lost Civilization- The New Future - Electronic
Another Lost Civilization- Drug Abused - Rock/Pop
Another Lost Civilization- My Own Private Idaho - Urban/HipHop
Another Lost Civilization- Angel of Night - Alternative/Punk
Antennaes- She's A Winner... - Rock/Pop
Anton Bruckner- Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 Romantic - Classical
Anton Nanut- Radiance: Sacred Classics - Classical
Anton Nanut- Beethoven: Piano Concertos No. 3 & 5 Emperor - Classical
Antonio Aguilar- Juan Charrasqueado - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Antonio Aguilar- El Caballo Bayo - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Antonio Aguilar- Benjamin Argumedo - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Antonio Santoro- Inside - Electronic
Arcaño- Rompiendo cadenas - Rock/Pop
archie martinez- Me and My Music - Rock/Pop
Arctic Express- A Christmas Rock Experience - Soundtracks/Other
Arctic Express- Carol of the Bells - A Christmas Experience - Soundtracks/Other
Ari Babakhanov & Ensemble- Shashmaqam: The Tradition of Bukhara - World/Reggae
Arión Alonso- Desnudo - Rock/Pop
Arkoss- Xing Yi EP - Electronic
Arrow in the Sky- Do What Thou Wilt - Alternative/Punk
Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers- Reflections of Buhaina - Jazz
Art One- Let Me Go EP - Electronic
Art Pepper- The Discovery Sessions - Jazz
Art Pepper- Timeless Art Pepper - Jazz
Art Pepper- Surf Ride - Jazz
Art Pepper- Cinnamon - Jazz
Art Tatum- Jazzmasters Vol 7 - Art Tatum - Part 1 - Jazz
Art Tatum- Jazzmasters Vol 7 - Art Tatum - Part 2 - Jazz
Art Wakefield- Thunder Up Above - Blues
Artaria Trio (Christian Mattick, Dietmar Flosdorf, and Lothar Kirsch)- Diabelli - Kuffner - Weber: Salon Music of thr Early Romantic Era - Classical
Artfício- Ciclo vicioso - World/Reggae
Arthur Labér- Love Balloons EP (Remixes) - Electronic
Arvingarna- Underbart - Rock/Pop
Asatron- Little Black Angel - Rock/Pop
Ashbrg- Are We Still In The Game? - Electronic
Ashley Jordan- Simple Love - Country/Folk
Asia- Live In Germany - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
Astrud Gilberto- Mukai Meets Gilberto - Jazz
Ateezy- Hello - Urban/HipHop
ATG- Light It Up - Rock/Pop
ATG- Drunk Sex (Part 3) (feat. Kirby Maurier) - Urban/HipHop
ATKINSON- La Banda - Rock/Pop
Attague 77- 89 - 92 - World/Reggae
Audio Lotion- Your Sonic Beauty Case - Electronic
Audio Lotion- Advanced Skin Care - Electronic
Auryn- Today - Rock/Pop
Autistici- Complex Text Tone - Electronic
Autorickshaw- Four Higher - cdbs - World/Reggae
Avenging Angels- shrouded in mystery - Rock/Pop
Avvolte- Avvolte Kristedha - Rock/Pop
Awal- She Loves Me - Urban/HipHop
Axel Karakasis- Industrialisation EP - Electronic
Ayako Shinozaki- Lyrical Melodies of Japan - World/Reggae
Azorsky- Russian Standard - Electronic
Babouci- Až pomašírujem - orchsrch - Country/Folk
Babouci- Hezké Je Žít - orchsrch - Country/Folk
Bachelors Of Science- Science Fiction - Electronic
Backdrop- This Is Sure To Be A Long One - Rock/Pop
Badda Lonion- Vor langer Zeit - Blues
Bamberg Piano Trio- Brahms: Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 2 - Dvorák: Trio No. 4 'Dumky' - Classical
Bamberg Symphony Orchestra- Mozart: Symphony No. 38 Prague - Classical
Bananasloth- Zombie Battle 2019 - Electronic
Banda Camino- La Diferencia - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda Camino- Ojitos De Golondrina - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda Camino- Que Falta Me Hace Mi Padre - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda La Costena- El Novillo Despuntado - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda La Costena- Nieves De Enero - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda La Original Del Sol- Tengo Que Olvidarte - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda La Pirinola- Ay Morena - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda La Pirinola- Que Tiene - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda Reyes De Cajititlan De Cosme Tade- Te Amare Te Llorare - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Banda Reyes De Cajititlan De Cosme Tade- No Te Valore - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Bart's Bones- Invitation - Jazz
Basalt Fingers- Basalt Fingers - Rock/Pop
Basement Boys- The Basement Boys Present: Mudfoot Jones - Electronic
Bastien Mess- Varyx - Electronic
Baz Reznik- Dirt From The Mind EP - Electronic
Bëlmondo- Cara Morgana... - Rock/Pop
Beat Physics- Power Moves (Remix) - Urban/HipHop
Beatrice Lillie- The Very Best Of - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
Behind Blue Eyes- Kisses from the Clouds - Electronic
Beniamino Serlenga- Il Re del Reggae Italiano - Rock/Pop
Beniamino Serlenga- Per Giovani e... Meno 3^ Raccolta - Rock/Pop
Bennie Beanz- My City - Urban/HipHop
Bergen Blues Band- The Best Of Bergen Blues Band - Blues
Berlin Symphony Orchestra- Brahms: Symphony Nos. 2 & 3 - Classical
Berlin Symphony Orchestra- Grieg - Sibelius - Strauss: Lieder - Classical
Berliner Symphoniker- Brahms: Symphony Nos. 3 & 4 - Classical
Berliner Symphoniker- Brahms: Piano Concertos Nos. 1, 2 & Academic Festival Overture - Classical
Berliner Symphoniker- Brahms: Symphonies Nos. 2, 3, & 4 - Classical
Bermuda Triangle- Tay Do 22 - Electronic
Bernhard Güller- Schumann: Symphony No. 4 - Classical
Bernhard Paumgartner- Baby's First Classics - Classical
Beta 2/Lariman- Fool In Your Eyes/From A Dream - Electronic
Beyond Threshold- Revolution - Rock/Pop
Bhangra Remix Band- In My Head - Bollywood Bhangra Remix (Originally By Jason Derulo) - New Age
Bhangra Remix Band- Indian Wedding Songs - Bollywood Bhangra Dance Party - New Age
Big Caz- Change Gone Come Remix FT.FINGAZZ - Urban/HipHop
Big foot mama- BIG FOOT MAMA 15 LET V ŽIVO - Rock/Pop
Big Joe Turner And Pete Johnson- Atomic Boogie - Jazz
Big Maybelle- Candy! - Blues
Big Maybelle- Savoy Jazz Super - EP - Jazz
Big Maybelle- Blues, Candy & Big Maybelle - Jazz
Big Mick- Changed Up(Art of Noise) - Urban/HipHop
Big Slug- Ride Out - Urban/HipHop
Big Slug- Fyre Hazard - Urban/HipHop
Big Spence- Sickest N Da City - Urban/HipHop
Bill Barron- Modern Windows Suite - Jazz
Bill Dixon & Archie Shepp- Bill Dixon & Archie Shepp - Jazz
Bill Gaunce- Breakin' My Heart - Country/Folk
Bill Gaunce- Because I'm Sleeping - Alternative/Punk
Bill Schaeffer Piano- Thirty Per Cent Blues - orchsrch - Blues
Bill West- McCord - Country/Folk


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