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New 2010/01/23 - US

edited January 2010 in eMusic New Releases
Tunecore, IODA, The Orchard, and CDBaby releases are not in bold type. CDBaby and The Orchard releases have search engine link.

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1947- Clowntrofobia - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
2 Days Notice- Here With Me - Single - Alternative/Punk
2 Days Notice- I Wish I Was - Single - Alternative/Punk
2Kraze- 2000 Mine - Soundtracks/Other
3 Bad Pigeons Don't Wear Diapers- Bad Spencer 2, la revanche - Rock/Pop
4D- Ascended Above All - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
6Love feat. Xania- What Is It? The Remixes - Soundtracks/Other
a New Breed of Monkey- Ignorance Is This - Soundtracks/Other
A Scarlet Night- The Struggles Within - Rock/Pop
A-grade- Like This - Urban/HipHop
Aaron Thompson- Bethany Lane - orchsrch - Country/Folk
Absent Minds- Absent Minds - Rock/Pop
Acafool- Duweey - Clean - Urban/HipHop
Admiral Freebee- Always On The Run - Rock/Pop
After The Fire- 1984-F - orchsrch - Rock/Pop
Aggi Dukes- Drink & Skank - orchsrch - Urban/HipHop
Agustín Irusta- Vintage Tango Nº 23 - EPs Collectors, Salud, Dinero Y Amor - [url=


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