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New 2009/08/05 - United States

edited August 2009 in eMusic New Releases
Tunecore, IODA, The Orchard, and CDBaby releases are not in bold type. CDBaby and The Orchard releases have search engine link.

Click the Ω symbol to "Listen to All" samples.

See for alternate listing.

23frames- The Mystery Calculator - Alternative/Punk
4- Refraction - Electronic
4.21- 4.21 - Urban/HipHop
5-Star- Operation - Single - Urban/HipHop
A Martian- Elektro Volt - Rock/Pop
A. Dalkıran- Katakofti - orchsrch - World/Reggae
A.M.C.T., Gita- Push The Power EP - Electronic
A.M.C.T., Gita- Take Me Out EP - Electronic
Aaron Vande Wege- Bicycles, Monkeys, and an Occasional Cat - cdbs - Soundtracks/Other
Abidin Biter- Ertelendim - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Abinooji- Dreamcatcher Vol.3 - New Age
Abinooji- Mantras & Miracles - New Age
Abraam- Covered By God - Inspirational
Adagio- Smooth Criminal - New Age
Adalberto Álvarez y su Son- A bailar el toca toca - [url=


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