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New 2009/07/11 - United States

edited July 2009 in eMusic New Releases
Tunecore, IODA, The Orchard, and CDBaby releases are not in bold type. CDBaby and The Orchard releases have search engine link.

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!Distain- Sticks & Stones & Broken Bones - Rock/Pop
$jammie the money- Get Paid - Electronic
'Ale'a- Alea - Rock/Pop
103rd Street Gospel Choir With Pat Lewis- Gospel Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
12 Stone Toddler- Batten Down The Hatches - Rock/Pop
13th Sky- The Sin Sessions - Electronic
2 Dirty featuring Vika Kova- Climax in the Head - Electronic
2 Faced- Rock music - Electronic
2 Fuel- Irelands EP - Electronic
2's Company- Sha' Abba EP - Electronic
2562- Love In Outer Space / Third Wave - Electronic
2Pac- Live - Urban/HipHop
2Pac- Live - Urban/HipHop
2Pac- Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2 (Evolution: Duets And Remixes) - Urban/HipHop
2Pac- Nu Mixx Klazzics Vol. 2 (Evolution: Duets And Remixes) - Urban/HipHop
2Pac- The Rose - Volume 2 - Music Inspired By 2pac's Poetry - Urban/HipHop
3- The End Is Begun - Special Edition - Alternative/Punk
3 Minute Hero- Operation Brown Star - World/Reggae
3 Wise Men- Christmas Songs for Jesus' Birthday - Blues
3 Wise Men- Christmas Songs Praise Jesus - Blues
3 Wise Men- Jesus Christ Christmas Songs - Blues
3 Wise Men- Jesus' Passionate Christmas Music - Blues
3ARTES feat. Monika Jefferies- Flower Power - Electronic
3Deep- Rock Paper What!? - Soundtracks/Other
3nity- Pseudomine - Electronic
4 Aces- Don't Break My Heart - Rock/Pop
4.9.0 Strassen Spieler (4.9.0)- Jung und Hungrig - Urban/HipHop
40 Cal- Broken Safety 2 - Urban/HipHop
40 Cal- Broken Safety 2 - Urban/HipHop
40 Glocc- Take You Where I Live - Single - Urban/HipHop
69 Sins- G.F.Y. - Rock/Pop
8 Bit Era- 8-bit Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames - Rock/Pop
A Future Under Fire- Only Words - Alternative/Punk
A Previous Engagement- EP - Rock/Pop
A&D- A&d Muzik - Urban/HipHop
A-Vibes- Make Me Funky - Urban/HipHop
A.K.C. Natarajan- Great Masters - A.K.C.Natarajan Vol. 1 - World/Reggae
Aaron Fuedo- Some Things Will Never Be - Alternative/Punk
Abandoned By Heroes- Self-Titled Demo - Rock/Pop
Abramasi- Feedback - Electronic
Absynthe- Demonstration - Rock/Pop
Abyss- All Gone EP - Electronic
Accomplice- Babylon Dub - Electronic
Ace Man- Ace Man - Urban/HipHop
Across the Divide- across the divide - Inspirational
Acumen- Circle EP - Electronic
Addicts of Affliction- Sinful Resolution - Rock/Pop
Adiche- Voracious Grooves, Vol. 1 - Rock/Pop
Adichie- Afro Jungle Jazz, Vol. 1 - World/Reggae
Admiral Bailey- Mi Big Up - World/Reggae
Admo- Wavelet - Electronic
Adolf Fredrik´s Girls Choir- Like Crystal That´s Gleaming - Jazz
Adolf Fredrik´s Girls Choir- O Makalösa stjärna / O Magnificent Star - Soundtracks/Other
Adrian Lux- Strawberry - Electronic
Adrián Terrazas-González- Cu Taan - World/Reggae
Aenimal- Rise of the Demonz - Electronic
African Dub All-Mighty- African Dub All-Mighty Chapters 1 & 2 - World/Reggae
After 909- Sinner To Sunrise - Rock/Pop
Agerman- From Krazy 2 Christ - Inspirational
Agnes Victoria- Meine erste Gute Nachtlieder CD - Soundtracks/Other
Ahmet Sisman- Esraj EP - Electronic
Airbag- Identity - Alternative/Punk
Airheadz- Stanley (Here I Am) - Electronic
aJay- Crush - Urban/HipHop
Akundum- Nova Mania - World/Reggae
Albana Di Re- Vision - Soundtracks/Other
Alberto Tafuri- Persi E Ritrovati - orchsrch - Jazz
Alchemist (Rock)- 1st Infantry - Urban/HipHop
Alejandro Franov- Aixa - Electronic
Alert the Medic- Alert the Medic - cdbs - Rock/Pop
Alex Aglieri- The Train Of Night - Electronic
Alex Celler- La Palma - Electronic
Alex Costa Pres. Deeptronikz- Dance - Electronic
Alex Hirsch- Your Vision - Rock/Pop
Alex Rize- Beyond The Dome - Electronic
Alex Rosén & The Young Dudes- Who is the Leader of the People - Rock/Pop
Alex Sutherland SIngers- Scottish Party Singalong - 40 Favourites From Scotland - Country/Folk
Alexander Lonquich- Beethoven, Saint-Saens, Gluck, Strauss, Liszt - The Ruhr Piano Festival as guest in Duisburg's new Mercator Hall - Classical
Alexander Orlov- Dargomyzhsky: The Stone Guest - Classical
Alexander Orlov- Serov: Rogneda - Fragments from the Opera - Classical
Alexander Rybak- Fairytale - Rock/Pop
Alexis Weak- Farväl Gullmarsplan - Rock/Pop
Alfredo Valdes Jr. Y Su Orquesta- Alfredo Valdes Jr. Y Su Orquesta - World/Reggae
Ali Khan, Amaan & Ali Khan, Ayann- Truth - World/Reggae
Alisa Jones- Church In The Wildwood, Vol. II - Inspirational
Alisa Jones- Irish Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
Alisa Jones- Old Time Country Christmas - Soundtracks/Other
Alisa Jones- On Christmas Day - Soundtracks/Other
Alisa Jones- Smoky Mountain Sleigh Ride - Soundtracks/Other
Alisa Jones- Irish Dreams II - World/Reggae
Alisha Mann- Always With You - Blues
All India Radio- A Low High - cdbs - Electronic
Alla Farmer- Elektrik Sunrize - Electronic
Allan Dawson- Alligators - Rock/Pop
Allan Dawson- Angels - Rock/Pop
Allan Harris- Love Came - The Songs of Strayhorn - Jazz
Allan Villar- Trying to Escape - Electronic
Allison Durham Speer- Merry Christmas My Love - Blues
Almedal- Från Och Med Nu Och 20 Dagar Framåt - Rock/Pop
Aloid & the Interplanetary Invasion- Glowin' - Maxi Single - Rock/Pop
Alpen Yetis- I leb für die Volksmusik - Soundtracks/Other
Altar Of Dagon- Dagonian Doom Demo - Rock/Pop
Alton Miller featuring Dee Dee Pledger- Get Up (Clap yo Hands) - Trance Remix - Electronic
Amazin Da Corna Boi- Drinks On Me - Urban/HipHop
Amazin Da Corna Boi- Mr.Summer Time - Urban/HipHop
Amii Stewart- Here's to You - Blues
Amina Alaoui- Gharnati. En Concert - World/Reggae
Amor Joven- El Nuevo Concepto De La Cumbia - World/Reggae
An All New Low- Goodbye, Radio - Alternative/Punk
Anand Clique- The 8th Day - Electronic
Anders Eriksson- Music for Freedom - Rock/Pop
Anders Lundin- Allsång På Skansen - Rock/Pop
Andrea Giuliani & Luca Rossetti- Slight Sea EP - Electronic
Andreas Tilliander- Arlanda - Electronic
Andrew Steven- Searchlight - Blues
Andy Day- Dam Mechanical - Electronic
Andy Day- Fused 2009 - Electronic
Andy Day- On Day - Electronic
Anenberger Dreigsang / Mittenwalder Maultrommler / Wallgauer Soatnmusi- Anzenberger Dreigsang - Mittenwalder Maultrommler - Wallgauer Soatnmusi - Soundtracks/Other
Anew Revolution- A New Revolution - Rock/Pop
Anew Revolution- Done - Rock/Pop
Angie & Debbie Winans- Bold - Inspirational
Anjali Mishra- Dui Nian Ra Dunia - World/Reggae
Ann Williamson- The Greatest Songs Of Love And Inspiration - 40 Great Tracks - Country/Folk
Annie Marleau- Heart & Soul - Country/Folk
Anonymous- The Little Red Book (Alcoholics Anonymous) - Soundtracks/Other
Antarctica- 23:03 - Alternative/Punk
Antarctica- 81:03 - Alternative/Punk
Antonio Neal- Bible Mega Mix-featuring Proverbs - Blues
Anupama Deshpande- Chalo Re Sakhi Maihar - World/Reggae
Apache Scratche- Father & Son - World/Reggae
Apex- Symmetry EP - Electronic
April Hoey- I'm Yours - Rock/Pop
April Hoey- So Confused - Rock/Pop
April Hoey- You and Me - Rock/Pop
Aqualuce- Isobutyl Acetate - Electronic
Arch Hooks- Chemistry - Urban/HipHop
Arch Nemesis- Of Mind And Fantasy - Rock/Pop
Archæa Strings- Inbilico - Jazz
Archie McAllister- A Fiddler's Tapestry - Country/Folk
Arctic Hospital- Neon Veils - Electronic
Arif Sentürk- Hamdi - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Arismar do Espirito Santo- Essa Maré - World/Reggae
Arson- Wanna be Dubbed - Electronic
Artur Grek- Slow - Electronic
Arvinder Singh- Jab Tak Hai Jee Jee Bhar Ke Pee - World/Reggae
As The Crow Fly- In Flight - Alternative/Punk
Ashelyn Summers- Life Is Better In Love - Rock/Pop
Ashes Of Soma- Bedroom Walls - Rock/Pop
Asik Mahzuni Serif- Iste Gidiyorum Çesmi Siyahim - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Askari-X- The Return of Askari X (A.K.A Ricky Murdock) - Urban/HipHop
Asturiana Mining Company- Patrimoniu - Country/Folk
Asylumcro- Magna Mana Fetish - Rock/Pop
At A Loss- A Falling Away From - Alternative/Punk
At-Mooss- Cyclotron - Electronic
Atb- Let U Go - Electronic
Atem Niblz- Flood Light EP - Electronic
Atilio Bertagni- Pariendo Tangos - World/Reggae
Atmospheric- Galactic Odyssey - New Age
Atom And His Package- Hamburgers - EP - Alternative/Punk
Atom Ascii- Wurm Lounge - Electronic
Atombombpocketknife- Lack And Pattern - Alternative/Punk
Atomic Rooster- The Greatest Hits - Vol. 1 - Rock/Pop
Atomic Rooster- The Greatest Hits - Vol. 2 - Rock/Pop
Audible Consumption- Face Of Change - Electronic
Audio Soul Project- Bit More Grit - Electronic
Audra- Everything Changes - cdbs - Rock/Pop
Aufhamer Klarinettenmusi / Tölzer Sänger / Weildorfer Sängerinnen / Aufhamer Saitenmusi- Auf zum Tanz - 30 Jahre Aufhamer Klarinettenmusi - Soundtracks/Other
Aufhamer Musikanten- Aufhamer Musikanten - Soundtracks/Other
Ausseer Hardbradler- Cuba - Soundtracks/Other
Austin May- 20 Something - Alternative/Punk
Austin May- Chemistry - Alternative/Punk
Austin May- In Theory - Alternative/Punk
Autumn City- Oh, Sweet Honesty - Rock/Pop
Averkiou- Wasted and High - Alternative/Punk
Avner- Lyssna - Rock/Pop
Awakening Queen Maebh- In A Moment - Rock/Pop
Awekid & DJ Muzzell- Donkey Work - Electronic
AwjamC- Auto Race - Electronic
AwjamC- High Tempo - Electronic
Awkward Thought- Mayday - Alternative/Punk
Ayse Mine- Bende Seni - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ayse Mine- Bir Sen Kaldin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ayse Mine- Bosa Beni - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ayse Mine- Dertli Gelin - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ayse Mine- Erkek Milleti - orchsrch - World/Reggae
AÅ?kın Nur Yengi- Hesap Ver - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Çesitli Sanatçilar- Gökkusagi Prensesi Hazal - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Íubar- Invitation II Dig - Alternative/Punk
Øystein Aamodt- Landsturnstevnet 2009 - Rock/Pop
Ümit Besen- Bir Aksam Üstü - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ümit Besen- Bir Tanesin Sen - Alisamadim - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ümit Besen- Deli Gönlüm - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ümit Besen- Dostlar Sagolsun - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ümit Besen- Hadi Git - orchsrch - World/Reggae
Ümit Besen- Ikimizde Sevdik - orchsrch - World/Reggae
B+- Uncommon Sense - Jazz
B-Yentl- Nowhere To Run - Blues
B.G.- The Heart Of Tha Street - Urban/HipHop
B.G.- The Heart Of Tha Streetz - Volume 2 - Urban/HipHop
B.G.- The Heart Of Tha Streetz - Volume 2 - Urban/HipHop
B.W. Stevenson- His Very Best - Rock/Pop
Baba Jagirdar- Hamaar Goriya - World/Reggae
Baba Kehar Singh Ji Ustad Ji-Nanaksar Kaleran Wale- Guru Nanak Kolon Lai Lao Daat Garibi Di (part 3) - World/Reggae
Baba Kehar Singh Ji Ustad Ji-Nanaksar Kaleran Wale- Teri Ustat Kar Kar Jeevan Eho Mainu Daat Bakhsho (part 1) - World/Reggae
Baby Dee- The Robin's Tiny Throat - Alternative/Punk
Babylon Bombs- Hometown Hero - Rock/Pop
Babylon Bombs- Jaded Heart - Rock/Pop
Babylon Bombs- Louder - Rock/Pop
Babylon Doggs- Gr33n - Rock/Pop
Backstreet Girls- Black Boogie Death Rock´n Roll - Rock/Pop
Backstreet Girls- Shake Your Stimulator - Rock/Pop
Backstreet Girls- Sick My Duck - Rock/Pop
Backstreet Girls- Tuff Tuff Tuff - Rock/Pop
Bad Influence- Forever Young - Rock/Pop
Bad News Bears- '09 Sampler - Rock/Pop
Badmouth- Badmouth - cdbs - Rock/Pop
Bahía Cochinos- Infinito - Alternative/Punk
Baldomer- Satélite House - Electronic
Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 1 - Soundtracks/Other
Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 2 - Soundtracks/Other
Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 3 - Soundtracks/Other
Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Sounds of the Season, Vol. 4 - Soundtracks/Other
Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Best Years of Our Lives - Ballroom Dance Orchestra - Rock/Pop
Ballroom Dance Orchestra- Happy Together - Rock/Pop


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