the single most important sound of the 21st century


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    I did follow the link, but
    We’re sorry. This album is unavailable for download in your country (United Kingdom) at this time
    But maybe that is it!!!
  • holy shiat! figure out a way to grab it - it is the 21st century in a nutshell. srsly.
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    Greetings Sir BB . . . Always nice to see your friendly face here . . .

    @ Greg:
    How about this ?
    - The trick is to hit the artist name to check if the album should be there from another distributor/label.

    - The vocals reminds me of one of the most weird and wonderful vocalists/performers on this planet Ghedalia Tazartes
  • Thanks BN - yes I'd like to hear more of that track, so I may even download after refresh. Thanks too, of course, BB
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