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Serein Netlabel Mix, Version Brittleblood:

Nest - Nest EP (March 22, 2007) - Track 2: Kyoto
Michael Trommer - Tree Line (November 18, 2008) - Track 5: champ de mars
1000 Hours of Staring - Co-operative Thread - Track 3: i am philips head
Muhr - We Are Desolved (October 24, 2005) - Track 5: dust ( we are resolved )
VA - OIO (October 1, 2006) - Track 5: a dolce in sun (Huw Roberts)
Herzog - The Autumn Parade EP - Track 2: milksnatcher
Daniel Maze - Red After Image - Track 10: the import
1000 Hours of Staring - The Seagull (April 21, 2006) - Track 1: Cantankerous Seagull
Nest - Nest EP (March 22, 2007) - Track 5: cad goddeu

The Seagull is 25 minutes long and can be taken out if you absolutely have to, But OTOH This is one of my top netlabel finds, ever.

Huw Roberts is the curator of Serein and also 1/2 of Nest, the other half is Otto Totland (Deaf Center, Svarte Greiner)

I posted a Colorist mix by Huw Roberts a while ago on the Listening thread, you might like this:
Serein forecast 5:
colorlist.jpg - Free.

An introduction to the music of Colorlist. Their EP, "The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean", will be released through Serein on April 5th, 2011. All tracks here are taken from previous recordings

The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean will be the first 10" vinyl release in the Seasons 2011 series by Serein.

Colorlist is Charles Rumback (drums, synthesizer, electronics) & Charles Gorczynski (saxophones, harmonium, monome). Their work as Colorlist has rightly established these two players as important figures in the creative and improvisational jazz scenes of their home city, Chicago. Using both digital and traditional instruments, their music is often borne of improvised sessions, captured, layered and refined resulting in a cohesion often abandoned in totally improvised work
- Colorist @ eMu

- Enjoy !


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    - If this wasn't what you asked for, don't hesitate to ask again. . .
  • o man! first i find out boris is going to release two records ON THE SAME DAY!!! and then this!!!

    thankee x 2 x bong x 2!!!
  • new boris!? yay!!
  • Boris who ? - Jeltsin ?
  • wait, when are the new boris discs being released?
  • April something.
  • @BN

    Thanks for the heads-up on this thread (from the Listening thread).

    I'm a little bummed that the Oceans EP is basically a comp culled from other albums, though I have to say that they're arranged with impeccable taste and I can't be sure that I wouldn't have bought it anyways having known it was a comp in advance. Each song flows into the next with a Radiohead-like seamlessness. It's more difficult than one might think to create a soundscape album while retaining the identity of each individual song.

    I think I mentioned in the other thread that I also got a Charles Gorcynski album called "The Door". His group in called The Salamander Ensemble. Him and Brian Citro and a bunch of others...


    I bought it on a whim from Amie. I don't listen to it that often, but each time I do, I distinctly remember being surprised that I don't listen to it more often. One of those albums that hasn't yet been mentally reassessed as a go-to album for certain times of the day/moods.
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    @ Jonah. . .
    Thanks for the 100x100.jpg pointer, it sounds like a great album. Unfortunately it has an awful lot of tracks that makes it rather expensive for me.

    - Maybe you have misunderstood my post. The "Oceans" EP is new tracks.
    - From the release page:
    "'The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean' is a four track EP recorded especially for Serein. Once again joined by collaborators, the EP features guitarist Jeff Parker of Tortoise on 'Nine Lives' (A2), while Liz Payne lends vocals and melodica to the closing track, 'What We Have Left' (B2). The tracks were mixed by long-time Colorlist cohort, Josh Eustis."
    What is refered to in my post is the Serein Forecast 5 - a mix of tracks from previous albums, brilliantly compiled by Serein label curator Huw Roberts:
    - The mix has the following tracks:
    01Colorlist / Orchid (Lists).
    02Colorlist / Constant Change (A Square White Lie).
    03Colorlist / Carbon Monoxide (Lists).
    04Colorlist / The Swim Around (Lists).
    05Colorlist / Pteridophyta / Remixed by Reminder (Photographs).
    06Colorlist / The Lows (A Square White Lie).
    07Colorlist / Fern Room (Lists)

    Speaking of Huw Roberts, I just have to, once again, wholeheartedly recommend Nest.
    Nest is Otto Totland (Deaf Center) and Huw Roberts.
    Nest - Nest EP (Serein 013 - March 22, 2007)
    (this is a free netlabel release)

    This was released as an LP in 2010, an extended and refined version, also by Serein:
    Nest - Retold

    - Also available @ Serein for 4.49 GBP, and full stream @ Soundcloud.
  • goodness. a bit of a break from these parts and coming back to find some nuggets. amen.

    of late i've been listening to arvo part and drive-by truckers. srsly.
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    This one is featuring Charles Gorczynski & Charles Rumback of Colorlist:


    - Quite different than Colorlist, though . . . ($5 @ Bandcamp)
  • - And this one is featuring Charles Gorczynski:

    (Free @ Bandcamp)
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