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  • Does anyone else feel it's about time for little Carl to become zombie chow?
  • I just started getting into Walking Dead when they began re-running season one a few weeks ago in the lead-up to the new season. I didn't catch all of them, but enough to where I know what's going on. I've seen all of the current season except the last episode.

    I think the show is pretty damn awesome.

    Note of Coincidence: I think creator Robert Kirkwood is from my new Kentucky hometown... or near-abouts.
  • Game of Thrones is coming out this week on DVD. These discs will hover in my Netflix queue with the tag very long wait until Netflix has some pity and starts mailing me the first disc.
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    I pre-ordered the Game Of Thrones Blu-ray even though it's still available on HBO HD On Demand on cable - that's like fanboy stuff. Watsamatta me? I've already watched every episode like 5 times. Well, it did come down in price, and I just got the e-mail from Amazon that it's shipped - ooh.

    Edit - Oh, snap, it just got delivered. How awesome. Sweet. What can I say next to inspire nausea?
  • I gave up on The Walking Dead just before the winter finale this year. The writing and acting are just so awful, I want to shoot most of the characters myself. Basically the only character I like is Daryl. Although after hearing who died last night I'm almost tempted to watch again. One horrible character down...5 or 6 to go.

    Game of Thrones season 2 starts on April 1, and Mad Men is back the week before. Woohoo!

  • I'm looking forward to another season of Mad Men!
    Also Game of Thrones - I resisted because I saw parts of a few episodes and they didn't make much sense. But now I've read books 1,2,3 and I'm waiting on #4 from the library so I think I'm all set for season 2 of GoT.
  • This week's episode of "Community" is a great spoof of "Law & Order".
  • I have to say I'm fairly disconcerted by Season 2 of Game of Thrones thus far - all I seem to be saying to my wife is "That didn't happen that way in the books", and she's losing interest. Granted there is a lot to compress into a more limited format but I'm not happy with the liberties being taken so far, whereas I thought they did a more suitable job in that department Season 1. Opinions?
    Digging Season 2 of The Borgias much more.
  • I'm loving Game of Thrones Season 2, but I haven't read the book yet. It's so chock full of stuff I'm shocked when each episode ends.

    Community and Parks & Rec are my favorite comedies and they both scored last night, but Community was phenomenal.

  • It has been a long time (prob X-Files) since I followed a current show as closely as Parks & Rec. We haven't missed a show all season. We bailed on Community a while before it went away, but there have been some good ones lately...will watch last night's episode tonight!
  • BDB, despite my having read books 1-4, any liberties the writers/producers are taking don't bother me at all - I think they're at the helm of a great show that's living on its own. I doubt they'll change any of the major plot vectors. I thought ep3 was a bit filleresque, but ep4 was slam-bam-harsh, but good.
  • True, GOT whatever my misgivings is still an epic presentation, far above the majority of tripe on TV today, and it looks freaking great, so no danger I won't watch. Just have to let it take its own course I guess, and vive le difference.
  • Having previously remarked that all the fine details are part of the appeal of ASOIAF, I have to say I'm impressed at how GOT has left so much out yet still remained faithful to the overall nature of the books. I made my peace with the "but it wasn't like this in the book!" problem when I saw The Two Towers a second time.

    I've just started watching Community - one of the repeats channels is showing season 2 - and am loving it.
  • After many many delays, I finally watched the final season of Battlestar Galactica. It wasn't bad, but honestly, I think if the writers had tried a little harder, they could've wrapped everything up in the previous season, and had a much stronger show for it. The last season (season 4, I think) had some nice moments, but felt like a Long Goodbye without much substantive intellectual thought or ideas that really drove the show for all of its seasons. But I was glad to have watched it.

    Don't know if anybody here hasn't seen the BG remake, but it is an amazing effort and I highly recommend it. I still can't believe that crapmeisters Sci-Fi Channel actually produced it, because it is a startling show intellectually, emotionally, and visually. And even though their wrap-up season didn't rise up to that level, they need to be given credit for having raised the bar as high as they did. It is much more than a sci-fi show, and nothing like the original.
  • I'm still pissed they cancelled Caprica which I thought was pretty good - is on Netflix at least, along with Firefly, another most valuable cancelled.
  • felt like a Long Goodbye without much substantive intellectual thought or ideas that really drove the show for all of its seasons.
    I would agree it would've ended better a season earlier, but I would instead characterize the last season as having intellectual ideas that were REALLY REALLY SHITTY (the increasing-to-overwhelming emphasis on taking seriously/literally all that prophecy/gods bullshit).
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    They had no frackin' idea how to get out of their story. I saw the disaster coming, esp when Starbuck came back, but I thought to myself, No way. They couldn't be that dense. Surely the writers have at least a vague idea where they're going to wind up.

    They didn't. One step up from 'It was all a dream.' An ignoble end to a series that started great and sustained that through much of its run.

    ETA, actually the Starbuck thing was the end of the end...the reveal on who the Cylons were was the beginning of the end.
  • I enjoyed the Battlestar remake too. It felt like a it had a lot to say on the Post 9/11 era with robots that didn't realize they were robots, yet alone people onboard the title ship start worrying that there is are terrorists among theme etc. I agree that the last season if not the series ending was DUMBish.

    I never saw the original series and honestly have no real desire to.
  • Oh and now that I think of it, and since it pertains to a music discussion board, there is an uncanny moment (episodes) in one of the mind seasons of BSG when several characters start to hear pieces of "All Along the Watchtower"
  • Funny that you mention that CW00... I was just going to post that I hated that version of Watchtower they ended the previous season, and was irritated that they continued to try to shove it down my throat in the final season, like it should have some added significance to what, I assume, was general dislike (though I never read anything about it, so maybe everyone else loved it).
  • Jonah: I think it was supposed to be a glitch in the head's of characters that were cyclones but they didn't know it (yet or maybe ever?)

    That's the best I could manage at the time without doing any kind of research, so could be wayyy off.
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    (Spoiler Alert)

    Yeah, they tied the song in by saying the notes could be translated to the coordinates of the new planet... but that was a hell of a stretch. Overall, it just seemed like one of those bad ideas the writers refused to get away from, and recognizing that they should, obstinately embraced the song idea even tighter.
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    The thing with the song was a prime example of something they couldn't write their way out of.

    ETA, as just said more betterer by Jonah
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  • Yeah, funny.
  • Watching Season 3 of Hill St. Blues on Hulu. I have the first two seasons on dvd, but they never issued any more, which sucks, because I would happily shell out cash for every season. I guess Hulu only has the first three. I don't know if there are any more out there.
  • Watched the season-last 3 episodes of Community last night, including the video game episode. A new word for ridiculosity is needed, and ridiculosity isn't even a word.
  • A strong finish, imo. That 8-bit ep was amazing. (Though, to be honest, I can't tell what aesthetic connotations you have in mind with "ridiculosity" - could swing either way.)
  • Too bad Harmon won't be around for Season 4. That show is one of the few where the show runner really does matter. Taking him away would be like Mad Men without Weiner or The Wire without David Simon.

    Speaking of Mad Men. The Game of Thrones, Mad Men double header this past Sunday was freakin' amazing.

  • I can't tell what aesthetic connotations you have in mind with "ridiculosity" - could swing either way.

    Karg, both/all of them. Incredibly dumb/enjoyed very much. Also thought Evil Abed made some salient points.
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