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  • There seems to be some sort of "Green Hornet" marathon going on at the SyFy channel. The sets & fashions look entirely like "Mad Men". I am sorry to say the dialogue is not up to par with "Mad Men", however. The Green Hornet just announced to an evil pawn that "even a rotten fish has a head to it" when the guy wouldn't take him to his evil leader.
  • Are these the old Green Hornets with Bruce Lee as Kato?
  • Yes, my husband pointed out Bruce Lee!
  • It's a shame I've got the DVR up to 96% or I could have recorded the whole marathon, but, as you may guess, at 96% I have much viewing to catch up on already. Some other time, Kato.
  • You, my friend, are missing something spectacular! The current episode is "Invasion from Outer Space", replete with these gems:
    ~ padded silver spacesuits & bobble-helmets for the male aliens and gold form-fitting catsuit for the lone female alien
    ~ those dastards kidnapped the Green Hornet's gal Friday, Casey Case
    ~ but not before she dialed a rotary phone by pulling a punch card from a Rolodex and had it auto-dial that rotary phone - they way the camera focused on this, it must have been the high-tech gadget of its day
    ~ Casey threw her teacup at the aliens and ran off in her high-heeled go-go boots
    ~ then managed to get stuck on a conveyor belt which would toss her into a silo with a bonfire burning in it
    ~ which of course triggered the tracking device she was wearing, so GH & Kato could track her in the Black Beauty (hubby says it's a Lincoln; huge boat of a car)
    ~ GH heroically goes up the conveyor belt to possible doom while trying to save her
    ~ Kato has the presence of mind to hit the stop switch on the conveyor
    ~ but alas, the aliens are still shooting lightning bolts out their knuckles and stunning people

    all this in a half-hour show, and it's not even over!
  • Ah, I did manage to see some of that - and that was a very hip dress she had on.
  • mommio, checked out Firefly yet? Great series, very rewatchable. Whedon's an awesome writer, and Fillion's charisma knows no bounds (he raises Castle's game several notches above the writing, but he and Whedon are a perfect match). I only own (and would think to own) two tv series (for rewatchability) - ST TOS, and Firefly. I've never had more success as advocate than loaning out my Firefly dvd set. Don't forget to watch the followup film Serenity after you've finished.

    No mention of comedies here - people should be watching the very consistently funny and well-written Community and Modern Family.
  • Community is far and away the funniest thing on tv at the moment.

    When Chevy Chase is a supporting actor, you know you have a funny cast.

  • I like Community, too. Last season's paint ball episode was wonderful. The Abed Christmas episode was also really good.
    Tried to catch Modern Family tonight, but no. Obama speaks.
    So I watched In the Middle that was Tivo'd up, instead. That's also a good one, but only if you've got kids. I can't see it appealing to single 20-somethings.

    @BigD-Bluez, yes, her dress was very mod. Haha. Looks like the Green Hornet marathon is over. I think the new movie hits theatres this Friday?
  • I like Community a heap but after recently catching up on Season 2 of Parks and recreation I gotta say THAT is the funniest show on TV ...
  • Parks & Recreation - there have been a few funny eps, but some of them seemed bleh to me. Maybe it's Amy Poehler's character. I really like Rashida Jones, who was Jim's girlfirend for a while on the USA The Office
    Cougar Town got off to a rough start - but this season I really started enjoying all the characters in their cul-de-sac group.
  • @cafreema re: As for Reno 911
    Is that the guy in the short shorts? I've only seen Reno 911 a few times, & only partial episodes at that. Looks pretty funny. I was surprised to see Niecy Nash on there, since I only 'knew" her from Clean House. She's finished with cleaning houses, and I don't care for the new host.

    As for 'reality shows, recently I saw 5 eps back-to-back of "Storage Wars". These 4 people bid on unclaimed storage units, pretty much sight unseen. Two villians and two nice guys, and the treasures they unearth (or not). I liked that better than the "Pawn Stars" and "Pickers".

    Also love me some Gordon Ramsey screaming at wannabe chefs on "Hell's Kitchen".
  • Ladies and gentlemen

    For your viewing pleasure

    I give you the greatest television programming in the history of mankind

  • We watched 30 Rock for the first time last night. It wasn't bad. We'll probably catch another episode, maybe rent a season on dvd.

    I watched a couple episodes of Parks & Rec when it first came out... it also thought it kinda meh. Has it improved or is my sense of humor vastly superior to that of my fellow musers?
  • The first season of Parks & Rec was VERY meh. The second season, though, it improved dramatically, and I can't argue too much with NankerP's claim. It got that good.

    Katrina, Nick Swardson plays a recurring "criminal" on roller skates. He's usually getting busted for male prostitution.

  • Katrina, Nick Swardson plays a recurring "criminal" on roller skates. He's usually getting busted for male prostitution.

  • I will be absolutely furious if Community is not picked up for a 3rd season (so far it has not been renewed). Best thing on television.

    @jonahpwll - 30 Rock is still good, but you should really watch the earlier seasons when you get a chance. It was at its best when the entire cast was more heavily involved. Tracy, Liz and Jack are great but I miss seeing more of Pete, Lutz, and Twofer (and Cerie!).
  • @JUJ - haha, thanks for the link to Parking Wars highlights. Don't know if I could sit through a whole show of people cussing at the workers, though. The guy who said he was going to get a saw to cut off the boot was the funniest - ending up getting towed right away, since he couldn't keep his mouth shut. The guy who drove off was a bit smarter.

    Another vote for Community getting renewed!
    Which reminds me, I should get the 30 Rock 1st season from the library. Kinda like Mad Men, that one - by the time I heard it was good, I'd missed a few seasons, and didn't feel like starting in the middle.
  • Yeah I only watched the first few eps of Parks and Rec Season 1 and it was meh, then skipped straight ahead to Season 2 which was brilliant. Heard good things about first few eps of Season3 which starts back soon too.
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    You've got to watch an entire episode if you have ever lost your faith in mankind because this show will completely destroy your faith.

    A bigger bunch of dumbasses cannot be found on the planet. Not because their cars got booted but because they agreed to let the film company follow their dumb asses around while they try to rectify the situation.

    A hundred years all of the other shows will be nothing more than bad memories, this is show is how we will be judged by future generations of archeologists
  • But what about the commercials?
    Yeah, this is the television show thread ( and when I search for it, I always type TV first, get no hits, then remember I'm in the highbrow television crowd)

    OK, I'm dragging y'all up notch ? since we mostly don't like our shows being interrupted by commercials. Yet the shows depend on the ads. I did see one commercial that was marketed to boomers that made me laugh the other day. Reminded me of an election campaign ad.

    Charles Schwab vs. Merrill Lunch

    The clear winner is the Schwab one, where they do the cool drawings that look kinda like a photo, kinda like a watercolor/pastel animation. At the end, the guy says, "Really? A vineyard?"
  • If we have an artist on the board who knows if that watercolor/pastel animation has a special art-world term, I'd love to know the word for it. So cool.
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    I haven't seen the ad but maybe the method is rotoscoping?

  • Yeah that's it. Rotoscoping. But it is live action animation
  • Cool! thanks, it's definitely rotoscoping in that Charlese Schwab ad. I figured there would be a term for it!
  • @kargatron -- finally got around to starting Firefly. I have watched Serenity, The Train Job, and Bushwhacked. Definitely entertaining, and I love that tension is maintained throughout each episode. Yes, I can see watching these again.

    What a shame that this series didn't get through even one entire season. Shame on Fox. I don't even remember this series - guess that was when I was still burning the candle at both ends, working too many hours.
  • Well, you don't get to the Christina Hendricks appearances until Episode 6. That's usually when you start cursing loudly at Fox for cancelling the series, saving up for the DVD box set, and (assuming you have money) offering to help finance another movie.
  • Hey! I caught a few episodes of Firefly tonight. Looks good!

    Right now, I'm watching Portlandia. The episode: Fred and Carrie discover that their maid is none other than Aimee Mann.
    They are home & recognize her. They talk to Aimee while she's mopping the kitchen floor. They tell her it's so cool to see her up close, becuase they were never able to get that close during a concert. Then, they are all, "sorry about the music industry. We downloaded all your songs and burned copies for our friends." Then they say the stove isn't clean enough, and can she do it again, but not leave cleaning product on it becuase then the food tastes acidic.
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    Is anyone else holding their breath in 1.excitement or 2.morbid horror about the forthcoming HBO production of A Game of Thrones? I myself will be pleasantly surprised if it is not a total horrorshow, and am at least grateful for the seeming pressure this has produced on the recalcitrant author to finally after what 6? years to have a publish date in July for Book 5 of the series. Great to have a miniseries starting when the multi volume book series it is based on hasn't even finished publishing.

    Got 3 episodes of Firefly DVR'd - looking forward to it.
  • Yeah, looking forward to Game of Thrones. Mildly optimistic, because HBO usually meets a fair standard of quality in their shows. Dinklage as Tyrion should rock. I haven't looked - has Martin chimed in on the series at all? Looking - I see he's a co-executive producer, and seemingly scheduled to write one ep per season.
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