Fuzzy Lights - "A Distant Voice"

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Fuzzy Lights - "A Distant Voice"

Another soft lazy album. Guitar and violins, mostly instrumental, compositions that flirt with an epic build but detour into a gentle fade. Maybe comparable to Red House Painters. I picked this up on Amie a long time back and I still listen to it pretty frequently. It's an album that I was moderately interested in, bought it because it was cheap, and it's really grown on me. Four and a half stars (out of five) kind of thing. Not great, but a solid addition to anyone's shelf.

Here's the emu link. It's just under four and a half bucks. Definitely worth it...


And I just noticed they have a new album out. Will have to check that out.

Here's their myspace...


EDIT: Weird. I just noticed that emu has "Fuzzy Lights" with a repurchase offer. I guess I didn't get it at Amie after all.


  • I like their track 'obscura' on the recent WIRE magazine cover CD.
    Almost led me to get some of their stuff from emu last month, if I'd been staying I would definitely have picked up at least one of the albums.
    This is the sort of thing I'll probably miss most having quit emusic now - albums I would have tried but probably won't pay full price for elsewhere.
    On the other hand it's the kind of thing that led to the avalanche of new music I was hardly listening to, so maybe it's all for the best really.
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