Hauschka & prepared piano

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Isn't there an experimental category around her? Oh well, I'll just put Hauschka in Classical for now.

After finally d/ling Hauschka's Ferndorf I became even more intrigued by the idea of a prepared piano. When I listen to his music, it's hard not to simply imagine other people there adding sounds to the piano. So I found this interview on NPR interesting as it included some video footage that really demonstrates the effect.


  • If you want more prepared piano, definitely seek out John Cage's pieces. Also, improvisor Denman Maroney, who often dynamically prepares the piano, and frequently plays inside it.
  • Hauschka is one of those artists I've always meant to check out, but just never have. I need to do so.

  • @kargatron - I am somewhat, sort of, vaguely familiar with John Cage. That's the first time I heard of prepared piano. I should really explore his catalog some. Thanks for the other rec.

    @Craig - It took me 2 years before I finally caved on this album. I definitely like it.
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    Hauschka is one of those artists I've always meant to check out, but just never have. I need to do so.

    For some awesomely riveting discussion on the album, check out the review by this profound and terribly handsome scribe, found here...
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    That's pretty funny. I now remember that thread.

    And now I've changed the name of this one to stress that it is subtly different ;)
  • I'm a Hauschka groupie. I have every release and love them all. Craig, get moving and remedy their absence in your collection.
  • New Hauschka next month: With Calexico? Cool.

  • I'm going to withhold judgment until I hear the entire album.

    Before I listened to the samples, when I first read your post, I thought, OMFG, NFW, Awesome!

    After I listened to the samples, I thought, Oh well, not the match made in heaven I would've thought.

    But they're just samples. I like both bands way too much to not give second third tenth chances.

    And god bless Calexico, for continuing their tradition of collaborating with musicians who might not seem like obvious fits. I love the spirit of it, if not always the results. What a wonderful band.
  • Hauschka is performing at Constellation in Chicago today (Saturday) and then heading up to Mineappolis.

    Just an fyi.
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