Miasmah @ Soundcloud

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Miasmah has posted 2 mindblowing live recordings @ Soundcloud:

Deaf Center live Moscow 09
This is made pretty much entirely live on mostly Guitar + Piano & about half the set is improvisations around certain rules made in rehersal. Contains also an extended version of Thread & a live version of White lake (from the album Pale Ravine).
Erik K. Skodvin on Electric Guitar + Bow, Laptop & Effects, Otto A. Totland on Piano.

Svarte Greiner live Moscow 09
Erik K. Skodvin on an Improvised set, using Electro-Accoustic + Electric Guitar, Bow, Effect pedals, Turntable & Laptop.
Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Miasmah label - Miasmah Netlabel - Miasmah @ eMu


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