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What's up with this grime/witchcraft/screwed thing going on? I got the Frost single off Amie Street before the plug was pulled and kind of dig it. Anyone get the full album? Track 1 sounds good, but I'm afraid an entire album of that will make me want to blow my brains out. What say you?

The b-side to "Frost": "Legend"

P.S.(I've been way too hung up on the music stores themselves, time for me to get into some actual music discussions again.)


  • I got the Frost single too, plus I searched around for some other ep's and stuff - and I found that I liked it a lot for less than 10 minutes, but not so much for longer than that. I first noticed their name being dropped in a review of Balam Acab somewherer, and I thought the name "witch house" sounded cool. The full length is pushed way down on my lists, although I bet I would've picked it up on Amie. Still interested in Balam Acab though; maybe that will show up some day.
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