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    Last week's was fun, keeping all 20 dancers.
    OK, tonight, I was kinda thrilled they had Debbie Reynolds as a guest judge. I'm still watching and wow is she a big dud as a judge, no really helpful comments at all.
    No mention of how Iveta almost got dropped? So far I like the woodpecker routine the best; as far as choreography, it was a delight to watch!
    Grrr, I hope I get to see the end ... state of the union address wasn't very entertaining.
  • It also wasn't the State of the Union address.

    I hated not cutting anyone last week. It's why I never watch the result show. Well, that and the fact that the big reveal was a Lady Gaga video (as an aside Lady Gaga is allegedly going to be a guest judge later this season).

    As for this season, the dancers are phenomenal. I honestly don't see a truly weak link and have absolutely no idea who is going to win. Robert had been making me want to punch him in the face with all the "wooos", but he didn't do a single one last night which made him tolerable. My favorite dancer so far is the little Ginnifer Goodwin look alike with the pixie hair cut, but that could easily change.

    On the dances last night, I'm just tired of "Nappy-Tabs" dances. They're just so cheesy, and hip hop is more than just cheese (even when they try and get serious like with the soldier coming home (which they do every season) it's still cheesy). My favorite of the dances were the last one with the jail theme and the souped up jazz one with the hats.

  • Well, now at least we know why Carrie Fisher has recurring nightmares about woodpeckers.
  • I actually wish more reality shows (alright, this is the only one I really watch) would not do cuts the first week, because it really sucks seeing someone go home before they really even get a chance. In this case I'm really happy they didn't send anyone home because that one guy would have been screwed thanks to a fairly minor injury. Of course that means this week will be much harder.

    The females, in particular, are really impressive this season. Sasha and Melanie (the one with the cute hair) are the tops for me, but Jordan, Ivetta and the others are almost all right up there. That jail routine was awesome and that was a couple I wasn't even really considering as all that good. Personally I liked the Nappy Tabs routine, although Alexander was a little too stiff during it - took him halfway through to warm up.

    Guest judges are almost always useless on those shows because they never want to "play the bad guy" and are just there to have fun. At least Ellen was funny when she did it.
  • Hmmm. Tivo missed last week for some reason!
    I kinda thought Ivetta wouldn't last long, although I liked her.
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    Tonight's the finale. I just started watching it. Was excited to hear they were doing a disco number, but gaaaaah. That didn't look much like disco, too many lifts. Funny how the judges NEVER criticize the choreography. Hoping the rest of the numbers ar more exciting!
  • My favorite dancer so far is the little Ginnifer Goodwin look alike with the pixie hair cut.

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I should have put money on it. I'm sure someone allows you to place bets on SYTYCD.

  • Yeah, Melanie was my favorite, too. Tadd was a close second becaue I couldn't believe he got that far - he learned really quickly! It was fun seeing some of the best routines again.
  • I am loving this new season! I watched the trials, some of it was bad stupid, other parts brilliant.
    The one show I sent to Tivo was this week - the opening Mad Men number was awesome.
    Wondering how long that robot dancer will last - he did well on the Broadway number!
  • Wow, they are down to the finals, almost. Thanks for telling me about this show! I am totally for Aaron (big tap guy) winning
  • Dang presidential address chopped off the end of the finale! Yeah, I looked it up on line but I wanted to see the winner's faces.
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    I'm still watching this. I fast-forwarded through some of the auditions that started this season 11. Right, it's 11? It was fun to see some of the dancers who wathed it when they were little and now they are auditioning.

    Tonight's top 20 show, the choreography to the John Legend song was superb. I'm about half-way through the show.

    I like how they've changed the return from the commercial break to show dance moves from past seasons.

    edit: Wow, Sonya Tayeh outdid herself with the choreography on the number danced to "Vow" by Meredith Monk.
  • Still watching! Still liking the off-the-normal music chosen.

    Also like how they changed it up this season & let previous winners choose the top 20.

    Mary Murphy's back - Paula Abdul disappointed me as a judge last season. Not sure why, I was excited when she first showed up and I totally adored her in my 20s.

  • Still watching. Liked how the All-Stars got to choose first, this season.
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