Another new Eels album!?!

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Got an email announcing yet another new Eels album coming out in August. Clearly Mr. Everett had a manic period or something.

This one is called Tomorrow Morning and is apparently the finale album in what is being called a trilogy with Hombre Lobo and End Times.




  • Well isn't he bi-polar? that would explain alot of things...
  • Not sure, but you're right it would be quite explanatory.

  • I guess they're just trying to catch up. They put out 6 albums from '96 to '05 then had a 4 year break. Now they're back on track to put out 6 during their 2nd decade.
  • Anyone seen the documentary he did about his father, originator of the many worlds hypothesis?

    Description here
    Online Viewing here
  • I was surprised to hear that too. Is he in a secret contest with Robert Pollard?
  • I really enjoyed that documentary - I haven't really managed to get into his music much yet.
  • I'm glad this thread got bumped up, because I completely forgot to watch that documentary!

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