Those were the days . . .



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    The Legendary Pink Box (2012 remaster) 

    Originally from 1989, the "Golden Age" of the LPD's
  • I still have my Pink Box on the shelf! Good memories!

  • The Byrds - Eight Miles High - 9/23/1970 - Fillmore East
  • This week's Cuneiform discount album:


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    I Mentioned Claus Böhling the other day.


    On this, their only album it is actually Vagn Carlsen (and John Teglgaard) and not Claus on guitar
    Masala Dosa is (or was) one of my all time favourite Danish live bands, and Recommended to 1960s/70s PROGRESSIVE ROCK fans 
  • Thanks for Masala Dosa. Never come across them before and they're excellent.
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    Welcome ^^

    Here's a piece of genuine Danish music history:

    Furekaaben - Laedersexdress / Instrumental / Den Gule Filthatmand

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    Here's one of Sweden's most colourful artists with his fantastic backing band

    Di Leva - Vi har bara varandra

    Di Leva - Själens krigare (1991)
    Live Roskildefestivalen 1991, Denmark.

    "I am the warrior of the soul
    With love as my weapon
    I am the warrior of the soul
    And the light in the tunnel
    I am the warrior of the soul
    And helping you to a paradise"
    No more no less . . .

    Well, I was there :)
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    Tax Free
    - Swedish late 1960s instrumental jazzrock / psychedelia duo, they licensed the track Tax Free to Jimi Hendrix.

    Hansson & Karlsson on Popside Show (Swedish TV, 1967)

    Bo Hansson died in 2010 and Janne Carlsson died in August 2017.

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    Thanks Brighternow, Hansson & Karlsson is a great recommendation. Found their "For People in Love" album on eMusic and really like it.

    Led me to the Progglådan label with 33 albums of 60s and 70s Swedish prod, hard rock and folk - most average but some really good. Such as Ragnarok, Trettioariga Kriget, November, Jukka Tolonen Band, Flasket Brinner and Egba. Most of which were new to me. Certainly worth a try.
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    This leads everywhere . . .

    Progglådan is also released as a 40 CD boxset with recordings made by Sveriges Radio and broadcasted in a program called Tonkraft.

    The Samla Mammas Manna album is featuring Ron Geesin (collaborating with Roger Waters on "The Body" album and involved in the Floyd album "Atom Heart Mother"
    - More a curiosity than a great album 

    When Egba was mentioned, the drummer Åke Eriksson popped up in my head.
    Besides Egba, he was behind the barrels in Wasa Express:

    Åke was/is one of Sweden's best rock/fusion drummers and was famous for his solos where he included the entire hall and even the audience's heads, in his kit.

    - Here, with his famous "five sticks /two under the arms / one in the mouth" stunt  :)  :

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    A Forest (1980) full 12” Single
    With needle scratch and everything, just like the "good old days" . . .
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    Excuses from an "old fart remembering things" ;) , probably posted before . . .

    Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Titch - Zabadak (1967)

  • Excuses from an "old fart remembering things" ;) , probably posted before . . .

    The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

    I'll never ever forget those early Tuxedomoon shows in Copenhagen.
    100% concentration and focus from both the band and the audience.
    In the quiet moments you would be able to hear a needle dropping on the floor.

    - This recording is an excellent example of this.
    (posted on the Tuxmo archive page June 19, 2018)

  • I still miss Allen Toussaint like, a lot
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  • Those were the days, and this is the day! 

  • I was listening to this last week...

  • Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore 1966

  • The other day I was driving behind a car with the license plate "IM RAEL"

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    Doofy said:
    The other day I was driving behind a car with the license plate "IM RAEL"

     :D I've a big soft spot for that album (and the couple before) and was thinking last week that I'm doing something wrong in not having at least the first three Gabriel solo albums. Classic Hipgnosis cover too.
    10 minutes after typing that I've just bought those first three Gabriel albums. My mind was drawing a blank on the song titles of the second album...
  • I must also admit to liking early Genesis albums - particularly Selling England by the Pound, which was my first introduction to Genesis back in around 1973 
  • I saw the show at Wembley Arena, was a really good night

  • Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen

  • Sonny & Cher - I Got You Babe
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