New Prince song debuts.

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Prince is back living in the Twin Cities and today he let The Current debut a new song of his, which is now at:

I'm not sure what to think about this song. It has all the classic Prince elements which is great, but the problem may be that it has ALL the classic Prince elements. After a few more listens maybe I'll be able to see the forest for the trees, but at the moment it feels like a bit much.

Anyway, because I believe that music fan = Prince fan, I thought I'd put the link up for others to check out.



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    Mildly fun, but low on the inspiration scale, something that to my ears has increasingly plagued Prince for 15-odd years (I qualify as a fan through, say, Gold). As pop-rock opera, it's way better than his worst example: "3 Chains o' Gold" from O(+>.
  • I only liked the middle part. The rest sounded like some arena rockers stuff - didn't sound like Prince to me at all (except of course when he was singing and I recognized his voice).
    That purple guitar is slick.
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