Stuff to sort out...

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Hi xtrev, thanks for setting this up. Two things:

- I changed my mind about the user name thing. It'll make more sense to others if I have the same name here as at eMu. Can you do that from your end, or turn on the option?
- Weird behavior from my office PC (IE7) - I get to the login screen enter my password and it takes me to the list of discussions (no error message) but I'm still "not signed in". Works fine at home (Firefox).


Colin (CCRGMac)


  • I'll turn on user name changing for a day so you can tweak it.

    As for the work PC issue, I think this forum depends on javascript to work properly, so maybe work are blocking stuff for security reasons?
    I'll investigate.
  • Where's the name change option? I'm not seeing it in personal information.

    On the other point there's no hurry, I'll be out of the office all next week anyway.
  • Sorry, try again.
  • Thanks. Done.
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