Noveller Live @ ISSUE (1/14/2010)

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Noveller aka. Sarah Lipstate live from Free Music Archive:
Noveller Live @ ISSUE (1/14/2010)

- Excellent guitartronica from a both fierce and gentle female artist
Fans of Aidan Baker can't go wrong with her.
- This is a fine introduction to her brilliant:

Red Rainbows LP on No Fun Productions

Other links:
Sarah Lipstate website
Noveller @ Youtube
No Fun Productions


  • enjoying this very much, thanks!
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    From The Free Music Archive:
    Noveller: Live @QUEERING Sound

    - "Recorded live at Artisphere in Roslyn, Virginia, as part of the QUEERING Sound Festival, June 11, 2011. Presented by DC Sonic Circuits and Triangle Artists."
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