Mari Boine live @ eurosonic 14 januari 2010

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The Dutch radiostation VPRO has just posted a number of live recordings from the Eurosonic festival.
One of them is with Mari Boine recorded less than 48 hours ago.
This is as freshly ripped as it can get, and she's just soooooo good !

(The XX is another one)


  • The Coleman box from Rhine/Atlantic
    The legitimately cheap BIS box from Amazon.
    The eight hours of free Ian Hawgood/Koen Park.
    Free Albums Galore.
    Scirel's new blog.
    That barely scratches the surface of this year's dls ... and most of it is free! I can't take any more.
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    I understand your difficult situation and I wish I could tell you that this is just not normal , but it probably is.

    Btw: Mari Boine is only for streaming.
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