Just Not Normal !

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The label that released the no-R-mal compilation last year has released 5 albums, all of them with the same very high standards in creativity, originality, production and sound quality as the comp.

Firstly my favourite:
Kris Cadwell - Offerings

Alexander Kibanov & HZ - Two Sides Of Life

Mister Vapor vs Altus - Falling Out Of Orbit

Anime Hill - Anime Hill

Koji Okamoto - Wanders Deep Waters

Just Not Normal @ archive.org


  • Bump. I enjoyed Koji and Kris Cadwell enough to want to back into the catalogue. Thanks.
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    - A brand new excellent Kris Cadwell album:
    Art is a style of perception
    Another beauty and indepth look into the sound of a visual artist exploring not in paint or color, but in tone.
    The diversity of this artist is remarkable; at times this feels very Boards of Canada when he can also change his cloth and create a beautiful deep field of drones and beatfree song. Kris certainly shows his wardrobe and wears it in style.
    We’re very happen to welcome him back to Just not Normal. And as for you; why not dip into this soft and wonderful realm that somehow only a visual artist can conceive
  • And here I thought this thread was gonna be about me
  • @ jackedUPjazz:
    - Since you apparently consider yourself a "Just Not Normal" person, music from Just Not Normal just might be the thing for you.
    So by all means, check it out.
  • Really dig how they did categories of sound for the different CD's. That was my only, and I mean only, gripe with the first edition: you had to be listening in a very open minded mood or the music could get so left field or out of touch with what you're looking for, it could be hard to listen straight through.
  • I've not been good about following up on tracks from these comps that caught my ear, but finally sought out one that did: Dave Seidel's "Penumbral", from the first disc Warm Voices. He also works under the name mysterybear, and has a few nice free releases available (see link). Works in the interesting-sounding layered drone/ambient space.

    Definitely recommended for any fans of dense drones.
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    JNN102 Litmus0001 – Hikikomori
    Hazy low-end-rumble drones, little squeaky noises, like small birds trying to communicate in the fog by a power plant, faint strings/synth in the distance. (A bit more appealing than that maybe sounds).
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    - It's difficult to put any words on this one but Cagey House (aka. Dave Keifer) has a remarkable production out on netlabels like Nishi and Bumpfoot.

    - Experimental Neocomedyclassic ? - Spiced with a dash of The Residents ?
    In any case, much recommended !
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