New Year Resolutions

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I resolve to quit smoking. I've been listening to a crapload of eMusic subliminal stuff for it, but haven't scrobbled it.


  • I MUST spend more time listening to the music I've got instead of just acquiring more :-)

    Luckily for me, my grandfathered emu 90/month annual account refreshed in december (UK), so I'll still be getting plenty of cheap music from there. Just need to cut back on other sources.

    Happy new year!
  • Hey Katrina, as a former smoker, it can be done! I used nic. gum for way longer than recommended, but eventually managed to quit that too. Now smoke free for 3.5 years.
  • Katrina...
    Maybe this one can help you:
    Coughin' In Your Coffin - Sing-along Songs for a Smokefree Planet

    "Coughin' In Your Coffin"
    - From a smoker with a morbid sense of humour.
  • Katrina, me too. Actually 15 years now. The thing they don't tell you is that you still get the occasional craving for a couple years. After that, you wouldn't touch 'em on a bet.

    Ditto on the resolve to actually listen to music rather than acquiring more. I have things on Amie I've never even DL'd.
  • Smoked for 18 years, with multiple attempts to stop. One day, I decided that was it, threw the rest of the pack away and never smoked again. Didn't even crave them. Not once, even in dreams. The smell of tobacco smoke, even on someone's clothing or hair makes me feel ill. One of the best things I have ever done for myself.

    Music? Yes, I have slowed down on the collecting phase. Lots of listening still to do.

    I don't make New Year's Resolutions these days. I came to a point where I decided that when I seriously thought about making some kind of change, that was the time to do it. I guess my main goal right now is to stay healthy and continue enjoying life. Retiring sure helped me along toward both those goals.
  • smoke free since 11/04/06, just before the 50 marker.
    dive straight into the things you fear will not be the the same without smoke.....
  • Only one resolution this year, but I'm not jinxing it by discussing it!

  • Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I've smoked for about 35 years. Stopped completely, twice before. It only lasted about 3 months each time.

    Oh,oh, oh! xtrev, funny that you posted that about spending more time listening to music. I meant to post about that, too, but got distracted.
    I also resolve to listen to more music this year. Erm, iTunes on my PC tells me I still have over 1000 tracks from eMusic I haven't listened to. The actual number is lower, but not by much....some of those I've listened to on my Mac.
  • Katrina, one of my "quits" lasted for six months. Every time you quit, even for a day, I count it as a success, and it puts you one step closer to quitting for good.

    I don't know the number of tracks I haven't listened to, but I know it's in the hundreds, quite a few of them. Daughter sent me a 2-disc Kentucky Mountain Music from Smithsonian Folkways. I had downloaded several at eMu from Shanachie Records Yazoo, and to my surprise, the CDs aren't duplicates of any of those. I haven't listened to Disc 2 yet, nor have I heard all of the mp3s, downloaded sometime before I started keeping a list in 2006. The mp3s have been archived. I really do need to buy a big external drive so I can have immediate access to it all.
  • elwoodicious, thanks for the laugh:
    You can design your own system, of course. The DC of 15 and the minimum hour between rolls seemed suited to how much I was already smoking. If you go through two packs of Chesterfields a day you are probably not going to survive on so meager an allotment of poison.
  • Another resolution? Every little cable that comes into this house with an electronic device is going to get labelled. So we know what the hell it is, later.
  • Hey, that one goes well with listening to more music and smoking; I permanently smoked my back-up drive by stupidly plugging a 12 volt cable into a 9 volt drive. Luckily I was able to re-download almost everything from emu. My new back-up drive is powered by the USB connection. I definitely resolve to not do that again.
  • I think one goal I have this year is to buy less music and listen to more. Part of that is from my own shrinking budget and when my old eMu plan expires in march.

    I get a lot from the public library that often gets the more hyped indie music, eventually. One lucky day I found My Morning Jacket's Evil Urges, Brendan Benson's My Familiar Friend, and Sondre Lerche's Hearbeat Radio. All three I've almost bought online at some point.

    A smart play list of unplayed music is big help when I remember to listen to it.
  • One of my resolutions is to get outside more. Started today by attending a mass snowball fight in the local park. Guess there are some good uses for those personal network sites after all. A foot of snow, several hundred people, one whistle and a lot of noise. The local pubs even opened early to serve hot soup as well as the usual.
    Bring on the hot chocolate brandy!
  • Mass snow ball fight, cool. Did you win?
  • no. everyone just sat in the snow and smoked a cig.
  • Don't know who won, but we did make the national news!
    This is what it looked like (taken from a local news site)
  • Katrina, your input is requested in my new Smart Playlists for Dummies thread. I am the Dummy in question.

    Also, how's the old quit going? Meant to mention, you need to never quit quitting. I bet I had 8 or 9 serious attempts (and an infinite number of trivial ones) before it finally stuck.
  • Hey Doofy. I had a great post all typed out and apparently didnot hit the post button, and my son booted over into Linus and it got lost. I put a much shorter version up today.
    Thanks for asking about the quitting. Well, I have seriously cut down. No smoking in the house unless it's in the grody downstairs. Only one cig while at work during break, instead of the usual one or more.Let's leave it at that for now.
  • Cutting down is good. It's good to push the first cigarette of the day further and further back - not before breakfast, not before mid-morning, not before lunch. I got down to not smoking other than in the evening quite quickly. The move to the complete break took rather longer and demanded rather more drastic action. In a way, I never actually gave up: I just haven't had the first cigarette of the day for ten years.
  • i hear in kentucky they have some excellent support what if it involves being forced to lick an ashtray until you puke?
  • by the way, giving up u2 is cooler than quittin' stix.
  • I refuse to give up U2. Even if I have to listen out in cold while getting dirty looks from non-U2ers.

    FYI - There is no proof that secondhand U2 causes brain cancer.

  • oh quit it you two!
  • You'll not pry my U2 ipod out of my hands anytime soon!

    lick an ashtray until you puke
    I'm thinking 3 swipes would do it - the puking part, not quit smoking part.
  • I thought you had to drink yer corn liquor outer a Mason jar fuller cigareete butts.
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    The best corn squeezins are outta a brown jug slanged over yer shoulder. Ya gotta turn yore haid to take a big swig. No self-respectin body gonna put one of them there cigs in there mouth. It's gotta be a corncob pipe er nuthin.
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    Oh, that made me laugh, mommio.
    turn yore haid!!!!
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    in all srsly-ness, too bad qwynwyn doesn't show up here - she has quit-smoking tools to beat the band.

    is it just me or did anyone else notice tim mason's "don't smoke after x" omission???
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