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    @amclark2 - Kind of like my college's old e-mail server which, after logging on, presented you with the message, "If you are having trouble logging on, please send an e-mail to..."

    EDIT - I should have probably posted this in the Geek Out Thread...
  • Is there any interest from site owners and/or emusers members to have the AAJ dotd widget on the emusers site? That way by logging into emusers, you'd be able to get both the emu dotd and the AAJ dotd.
  • Sounds a great idea to me Jonahpwll. Could it be on the Discussion page, say lefthand side under the clock. When I come onto emusers by computer takes me atraight to that page and I'msure others might be the same
  • Y'know, it occurred to me that this site has put a lot of time (a la Labor of Love) on documenting the various cool things on the Bandcamp site. It might be nice if, one, they made some mention of us on their site as a reference guide to the neat stuff that could be found there, and two, perhaps purchase a banner ad on emusers to help defray whatever costs are being borne by hosting, etc.

    Just a thought. Obviously, all the investigating, listening, and posting we're doing is done because we love it. I seriously doubt that I'm only speaking for myself when I say that. But seeking a small gesture of reciprocity doesn't poison those waters, y'know?

    Anyways, my two cents.

    On a totally unrelated note, one of my cats, Cloverbell (a toroise shell we adopted from the local shelter), is dangerously close to mastering the doorknob. I need to get a video of her launching herself up to the doorknob, grasping it with her front paws, and digging her rear claws into the door and attempting to turn the knob and open the door.

    Between her (potential) door opening abilities, my elder cat Morgan Jane's habit of peeing in the toilet, and Bowie's unusual coloring of rich brown fur and a tasteful ascot of white fluff, my cats are becoming something of an odd cabal.
  • On the same topic, here's another thing I have wondered occasionally, based on Brighternow's heroic labors compiling "emusers guide to..." for various artists - and I am myself in more than two minds as to whether it is a good or a stupid idea. Would anyone value any more deliberate organizing of past material from e.g. the bandcamp and free stuff threads (e.g. a listing of bandcamp and/or free post-rock albums, minus the side discussions that occur on those threads)? I'm not offering to do the work any time soon, but it's the kind of thing that could be fun when a free hour looms.

    Sometimes I think something like that would be useful to save digging back through old discussions for that half-remembered rec, or just to browse a more coherent set of recs.

    Other times I think it would just confuse things with more threads and the search facility works fine.

  • You mean like I began doing in the first post of my Bandcamp Jazz thread? A single list of everything that can be found on that thread? Maybe adding something closer to my updated list of AAJ dotd features where I add a couple words of description like...

    Claudio Scolari - ECM-style jazz, dynamic percussion

    I could see that being beneficial. Lately, I've been binging on the various Brighternow threads (and yours, too, GP) just looking for anything that interests me while wasting time waiting for some stuff to happen. It might be nice to have a condensed reference list to browse over.
  • I'd still like to see some custom BBCode that allows us to embed the Bandcamp player in posts, not to mention SoundCloud and the "FlowPlayer" from Though I'll admit those things do make pages load more slowly... if the BBCode could somehow be enabled only in specially-tagged threads, that would be ideal, but that might be asking a bit much customization-wise.
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    In the wake of our recent minor spamming incident, I wonder if this site might be a useful bookmark for future reference? Or maybe we're just too minor. Anyway, thought I'd post it in case it's useful to the powers that be as a quick check that someone who apparently needs banning really is a spammer rather than just inept at communication. (Our wangzp is already on their list).
  • SFS is tops, but the best approach, really, is to simply google the offender's IP. It will then bring up hits on SFS as well as related companies like Project HoneyPot, Forum Blacklist, etc.

    And since many of the spamers are really spambots, they'll use the same registration nick and email, so a google search on either of those will also likely yield pretty decent results. But IP is the most reliable.

  • I see you're way ahead of me!
  • Two and a half years as an AAJ mod will do that to you.
  • It might be nice to have a new Category for Music is Good.
  • Please Dr. Mutex, would you please kill the spammer called Aijca ?
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    Unfortunately I can only ban the account. Though my skillz are manifold, I've not mastered offing people with Diabolical HTML. There's also the danger one might read it oneself. c.f. The Funniest Joke in the World.
  • I may have asked this before, I'm not sure. Is there a setting that can be changed so that the site doesn't log me out quite so quickly? Not asking for eternity, just longer.
  • I never get logged out, even if I have it open all day, but I have no idea how it happens
  • I don't get logged out other than once every couple weeks or so.

  • I have the same problem - get logged out constantly and it often takes me 2 tries to log back in.
  • I hesitate to bring this up, just because it's a simple thing that I'm sure you're all aware of and don't want to come off like I'm treating you like tech infants or anything, but...

    I've noticed the only time that I ever get logged out quickly is when I forget to check the "Keep Me Logged In" box in the log-in window. Otherwise, I never have to log in except those rare times when I'm either viewing the site while out of town or if the server resets.

    It's possible you all are doing this already, and still getting logged off quickly. It may be that the system keeps me logged in because it fears me. As should you all.
  • Hey jonah - I was watching The Office last night, and thought you'd enjoy this exchange:

    Angela: I feel so stupid.
    Dwight: You're not stupid. Jazz is stupid.
    Angela: Jazz IS stupid! Just play the right notes!

    It cracked me up.

  • Compared to many people I am a tech infant so I don't take umbrage at being called one. At work I do Web site support but that's for people to whom I might have to say things like, "The Enter key is a big one on the right side of your keyboard."

    I don't see a "Keep Me Logged In" box in the log-in window. I see a "Remember me" but I think that's about cookies, which seems to be different.

    To be a little more detailed, this happens when I compose a comment but take a long time because I'm distracted by one thing or another or because it's a long comment with a lot of BBCode in it. When I submit the comment at last I get a message saying (roughly) that I can't do that because I'm not logged in. Sometimes I can go back and find the comment still in the composition box, or whatever it's called. If it's there I can copy it, log back in again, and paste it in. Sometimes, though, it's not and that's a little more frustrating.
  • I'm a tech infant; well maybe tech senile person; I used to do some tech support too, but have forgotten more than I knew, but I just logged out to check and that "remember me" is absolutely the ticket; I check that and I get logged out only once every few weeks. I don't know if it's cookies or what, but it works for me.
  • Yes, it is cookies - checking the remember me box causes the cookie to be saved, to expire at some future date, rather than just until you close the browser.
  • Like amc I have the Remember Me box ticked. Generally when I come to emusers it has remembered me. I will often have my computer on all day and emusers is still there even if I have not touched the computer for a couple of hours
  • And I delete cookies all the time, so I need to remember to create one for emusers again.
  • I knew it wouldn't be long before someone posted it...

    As a wise man once said, "Jazz is stupid... to stupidly stupid people, which actually makes it very smart, and because it's opposite of the thing first said, that also makes it subversive, which makes it even cooler, and it's also sort've ironic, because here Jazz is, getting even cooler than before just because of someone insulting it, but really it's not, and it knows it, but doesn't even have to say anything, which makes it way way cool, so, yeah, Jazz is cool... way cool."

    I think it was Shakespeare who said that.
  • And anyway, could be worse, could be Irish music
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    Admit It! It sucks! Part I: Jazz

    Funniest thing ever written on the subject.
  • Music is the space between the notes—Claude Debussy, famous jazzman.
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    What's on page 55? This came up when looking at the "now playing" thread, page 55.
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