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  • Shouldn't threads open to he most recent comments page when you click on them?
  • They do normally, but as you are new, they'll go through everyting you have yet to read. Just skip to the last page and it'll appear you've read them.
  • aha, thanks!
  • Except for my threads. Those are required reading.

    Riveting, I believe, is how everyone on the forum describes them.
  • My phone is set to vibrate for work e-mails and text messages. It delivers an electric shock for jonah's posts...
  • Can we move ahead with an upgrade? I looked into what elwoodicious wrote about upgrading. I propose the following:

    Create a new database. Eythian might have to do this. The hosting I use lets me grant this privilege.
    Install Vanilla 2.0.latest&greatest to
    Take emusers offline so no posts are added in the move process
    Export the current forum
    Import to and verify that it looks reasonable.
    Rename forum/ to oldum/ (won't work anymore, but can instantly put it back)
    Rename fiveum/ to forum/ and edit config.php so Vanilla believes it.

    I'm willing to undertake this to get the Mobile theme support in the new versions. Someone will have to hand check that every one of Jonah's posts are intact after the move. I think he's best qualified, since he knows what he wrote.
  • Well, it goes without saying that I'm best qualified no matter what the undertaking.

    However, I only wrote the posts. It was up to everyone else to memorize them. Don't blame me because none of you completed your homework on time.

    But whatever you need, I'll take it on. Go team and stuff. Let me know where and when, and I'll show. I may even shower for the event.
  • I may even shower for the event.

    This is an IT action, showering is not required nor encouraged. However, it is strongly recommended that If you can sprout a neckbeard you please do so as soon as possible.
  • On it.
    Worst case scenario, I glue on some of the fur shedding from my cats.
  • I know we just got rid of a lot of stickies (and I have to say, it does make for a better looking board), but do we want to consider making a new one that says "New Members... Introduce Yourselves!" or that kind of thing? Or we could simply alter the title of the stickied "Emusers Guide for Beginners" to have a parenthetical of "New Members Introduce Yourselves Here".

    I've just been told that we'll be getting a new member soon, and hopefully, as we accumulate power in our goal of overtaking the world, we will continue to add minions to our ranks. But we gotta be sure to know who are minions are, yeah? A little about them... do they prefer coffee or tea, jazz or other stuff that isn't jazz whatever you call it... non-jazz? Were they a lego or tinker toy kid growing up? Y'know, the important stuff.

    Thoughts? (and by 'thoughts', I mean expressions of appreciation for my abounding wisdom.)
  • Your abounding wisdom is greatly appreciated. I totally missed the apparent intent for folk to introduce themselves on some thread or other (that I now can't find anyway) until after I had started posting (and been welcomed in response). So if the intent is for folk to introduce themselves somewhere before plunging in, much more overt signposting is indeed needed.
    /appreciation of abounding wisdom.
  • We might also need to sticky a Jonahpwll Adoration Thread.
  • Jonah, who would post in that thread? (JK)

    What is going on? Are you at loose ends between books? Enjoying the "warmer" weather and signs of spring? Just in love with the world?
  • You guessed correctly.

    I am wrapping up my fourth novel, which I only began in January (I think it was January, maybe end of December). I've been writing like mad. I'm hoping to have the last chapter written tomorrow (or tonight if I get one final rush), then finish editing by the end of the week. I'll let Katie read it, and unless there's any big changes that need to be made, start selling it in about two weeks from today. I'm moving more and more to an up all night schedule. Language has become my friend again at long last.
    It's Spring. I love it. Sunlight and warm weather and cappucinos just before midnight.
  • Jonah, have you looked at the self-publishing options? I've been reading more and more articles about some author's making it big doing that while others are making a solid side income. Thoughts, criticisms, fears, hopes?
  • Jonah, a friend of mine published his book on-line on Amazon UK, so people could read it using Kindles, PCs etc just before Christmas. Now Amazon in US are printing it for him 50 at a time. It is only costing me £8 to buy a paperback copy, so it can't have been that expensive as it includes carriage for the wholesale copies to the UK. He did all the layout, cover etc himself and just emailed to Amazon. He used some of the positive Amazon comments as quotes on the cover. I'm sure many of us will buy your book!
  • @greg, The daughter of one of my friends did the exact same thing: Zombies Are The New Vampires. She's only sixteen, when I was he age I was too busy being a dumbass so to make up for it I bought a copy to encourage her for being awesome.
  • @El & @Greg

    Yes, I've been giving myself a crash course in the various online opportunities and will most certainly avail myself of them all. Things are a bit different from the last time I tried to sell a book (1996). Back then, self-publishing involved dropping upwards of $80,000 to get boxes and boxes of copies of your book sent to your house to sell to your relatives at holidays and friends from your home when they stopped by to score some pot. I, thankfully, did not go that route. Today, however, there are some very low cost online routes to take which I'm going to immerse myself in.

    I will still send the perfunctory unsolicited copy of the manuscript to the slush rooms of various publishing houses and will make a serious effort to acquire an agent. However, it would seem that doing the online thing and developing a following and some sales numbers is a decent way to get an agent and/or publisher to give you the time of day.

    The idea of making a pdf or kindle download of my book available for two bucks and getting it into that category of oh-what-the-hell-it's-only-two-bucks-I'll-buy-it and make up in quantity what I'm surrendering on a per book sale is an intriguing proposition to me.

    I would, eventually, like to make a kajillion dollars and be able to give my family everything they deserve. In the meantime, getting out debt and maybe pulling in some rent payments will suffice, yeah?

    That Zombie as the New Vampires looks pretty cute. Might have to slot that for a future purchase. Did anybody here read the clever little soul who rewrote Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice as a zombie thriller? It was pretty well done, not just a gimick with little substance.
  • I think you should allude to us all in your next novel. Then when you're famous people doing PhDs will have to root through this board for clues.
  • Now that sounds a really good idea! I've even thought that actually researching this board could make a good PhD as a case study of the use of the web to develop a truely international community - shame my skills are not in that direction in any way
  • I think you should allude to us all in your next novel. Then when you're famous people doing PhDs will have to root through this board for clues.

    Done! I've dropped the name Gary and substituted Germanprof as the transsexual serial masturbator who is only aroused by people reading TV Guide in the grocery store checkout line and who goes through the entire book not realizing that he's wearing his underwear on his head. Now, is Germanprof your first or last name?

    This is fun! Who's next?
  • /appreciation of abounding wisdom.
  • I've been banging my head on the desk all morning, trying to remember how Telarc has been effected by the great UMG disaster, and I thought: wouldn't it be nice to have a pinned thread dedicated solely to the state of knowledge of encoding issues at eMu?
  • edited March 2011
    We just blasted off a bunch of barnacles that bonded themselves by the beginning of the forum. Perhaps a thread linked from eMuser's Guide? Or we could add the sticky that was proposed for band and label specific threads and use that one for topics that are of regular interest to the locals, but maybe not so much to the tourists. Are you volunteering to maintain The Great Encoding Debacle thread?

    edit: Oh, yeah. Somewhere along the line I put the link to the Hello thread in the Beginner's Guide as jonahpwll directed.
  • Anybody else having trouble with the site? I can get there from my phone but not my computer - windows, ie9
  • No issues in FF4 or IE8.

  • No problems but I am still using IE 8, Windows 7 64bit
  • Any particular errors or does IE9 just render a blank page?
  • It's back; it was giving me an "oops - Internet Explorer can't find the page". Only I after I posted did I realize the silliness of asking, on the site, if anybody else was having trouble seeing the site. Everybody not present please raise your hands...
  • Oh, lordy, am, I didn't catch that. I would raise my hand, but that wouldn't be honest.
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