tim! tim mason!

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ok...i'm suckered in by the samples...esplain, svp.



  • What's to explain? The he married her or that she married him?
  • I don't know what the hell she is saying but the music is not bad at all

    Is it within proper diplomatic protocol that the first lady be showing a hint of nipple on her album cover?
  • i know - the music is pretty damn good from samples alone - did this recording make any headlines other than "here's the president's wife in nipple repose?"

    by the way, it's not available for dl in the states

    75 freebie re-up: a seasonal itch?
  • Wasn't it released prior to his becoming president?

    I've read a lot of good things about her music.

  • Here's her 2008 album on Amie.

  • bump

    actually testing my avatar
  • interesting.

    i'm about set to write the story of collette the invisible wrestler...
  • It must be good if powelllaw is a fan...
  • Well it didn't exactly turn out as planned, but you know it's starting to grow on me

    You have to admit it is different
  • "You have to admit it is different "

    Not from the rest of the page, it isn't.
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