Is it The Double-x or The x-x?

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Driving home today the radio played "Crystalised" by The xx and the DJ referred to them as "The Double-x" as in Jimmie "Double X" Foxx. I'd thought it was x-x, though.

Anyone know for sure?



  • XX, I believe. Still, good that you heard them on the radio. Wouldn't have expected that.
  • Thanks, that's what I thought.

    It was on public radio. I'd be shocked to hear them on commercial radio.

  • If they had gone with XXX like I told them too, they wouldn't have this problem.

    It's actually Dos Equis - they're named after the beer, but only in lower case since they're not quite as good as beer.
  • I call them the Exes.
  • Ha! I like that, the Exes.
    In my mind, I had been calling them the X-X.
  • I was wondering that myself. They played them on KEXP the other day and I believe the DJ said The x x. I think you have to use either The Exes or The x-x to avoid any confusion.
  • Heh. I like both The Exes and Dos Equis.

    Now I'm torn!

    They're in town here soon and hopefully they'll do an in studio performance, that should help answer the question.

  • sigh...things have changed. way back before the days of the innernets we'd sit on the porch and talk about the bugs. box elder bugs came with the drought...crows got wiped out by west nile...that kinda thing.
  • Interesting question.

    Well there is the Queensland beer XXXX that is called Four X, which New Zealanders joke exists because Australians can't spell Beer.
  • Isn't 'Fosters' Australian for beer? Or has the TV lied to me again?

  • I know, shocking for TV to do that to you. Each state and territory in Australia has it's own brand of beer, more or less.

    The Foster's in America is brewed in Cananada last time I checked. Well that and it sucks.
  • we had a box elder problem on our porch. crows dropped 'em nearby and they got in through the cracks. i sprayed 'em with some xx (pronounced zcks) and haven't seen 'em since.
  • Well. Times have not changed so much. Someone IN REAL LIFE, NOT ONE OF YOU FAKERS mentioned wooly caterpillers to me the other day.
  • Sorry, me wooly caterpillars are a topic I reserve for face-t-face conversations. I consider it inappropriate for board posts.
  • darned wooly bullies are always eatin' my fence posts and boards too.
  • sometimes you are fortunate and are in the company of an extraordinary porch don't even need conversation. you don't even need the porch - the side yard will do...having an older brother caught up in learning his pony-league curveball and an old catcher's mitt is such a partnering.

    from post-dinner to the last glimmer of sun's day, my brother would mix curveballs and fastballs in the general direction of my crouched and prayerful 11/12/13-year old direction.
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