Free Mojo Nixon at Amazon


  • Recommendations for a n00b?
  • I happen to be listening to my free copy of Bo-Day-Shus!!! right now!

    Of course if you want Mojo with Jello Biafra it will still cost you. Biafra's such a capitalist.
  • @elwoodicious; I'm new to it too, but have been enjoying Bo-Day-Shus and Mojo & Skid.
  • I say download 'em all - let God sort 'em out.
  • I just grabbed the albums (couldn't DL from work) and now !Sock Ray Blue! is showing up for $8.99. The window may be closing.

    It's a shame there's not a Karaoke (non-free) for "Elvis is Everywhere". I could totally see myself doing that song with sufficient, em, relaxation aids.
  • I DL'd all of them when I saw a post about it at eMusic. Haven't listened to a lick of it, yet....excpet for Bo-Day-Shus, which I already had from before.
  • Sock-Ray-Blue was free again this morning - it was $8.99 when I checked last night because it was the only one I hadn't picked up last week. Hallelujah, and praise Debbie Gibson, it must have been a rough delivery.
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