Why the hell was I not informed of this?

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Vintage Music dropped some 4 months ago and it's a freakin' cornucopia of awesome! Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Parisian EPs of pure sonic deliciousness and here I am with 0 credits to pop on them.


  • Wow, right you are - Edith Piaf to Machito and Celia Cruz - this is going to require a lot of investigation. Only thing that pisses me off is I had recently picked up one of those EP's by Laurindo Almeida, great classical/Brazilian/jazz guitarist and never looked up the label - Doh!
  • searching out don pedro has a dangerous and lingering effect...similar to chanel no. 5
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    The company I work for is finally getting an office (Booo!) but this means that I'll have an arsenal of awesome with which to dazzle and baffle (Yay!). Here's three that are on the top of my SFL:

    300x300.jpg 300x300.jpg 300x300.jpg
  • There's a whopping 536 albums to wade through. 17 dots pointed out the Vintage Cuba Selections comp, which is a good deal at 30 tracks for 12 credits.
  • @elwood Are you recommending those 3? Looks like a lot of cool stuff, but I definitely need some guidance :)
  • Ohhh, that Cuba comp sounds pretty awesome. That might join the Soundways Ghana comp as my international fix for the month.
  • @thom, those are 3 that I am thinking to dip my toes into the water with (except of course if the Cuban on is duplicated on Selections comp then I'll swap something else in). Just waiting on my DLs to refresh some 25 days from now. :-/
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