Ideas where to find "album only" track as individual track?

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So I downloaded the first 7 tracks of Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer, and am loving it. I didn't get track 8 Dragon's Lair because it was album only and jumps the nps to 12 for 8 tracks. Now I'm regretting that because that track is also album only on amazon, lala, and iTunes. Any recs on where I can find that track individually? Or will I have to bite the bullet at my next refresh and download the one track for 5 nps?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Here you go.
    It's been there since July apparently, and seems to be part of a promo they did with the label, so I think it's fairly legit to acquire that way.

  • You're the best! Much appreciated.

    Now to figure out how to convince iTunes it's the last track on the album.

  • Now this would be a project for someone with some serious time on their hands: finding album only tracks elsewhere. So far I have sucked it up and downloaded whole albums. I don't like to get just a few tracks etc for the most part.

    I like Dragonslayer, though I still go back to Shut I am Dreaming more than the more recent albums.
  • Thanks, xtrev.

    craig, does tagging all the tracks as 1 of 8, 2 of 8, and so on do what you want?
    Right-click > Get Info > Info tab
  • Tagging the tracks didn't work, but when I tried that I noticed that the eMu tracks were listed as being on CD "1 of 1" but Dragon's Lair wasn't. Correcting that tag moved it to the proper position.

    Thanks all!

  • Ah, I hate that disc 1 of 1 stuff. I usually remove it. There's really no need for it on single discs - that's a given, that it is disc 1 of 1. It's only needed for multi-disc items.
    Anyway, glad you got it sorted.
  • It'll be interesting to see if eventually they come at you with an offer to complete your album with the one track.
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