Ugh... Polvo

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Sampled the new Polvo the other day. Tonight I logged back into over yonder to d/l it. Price went up to 12 nps even though it was only 8 yesterday.

So much for my rocking - here's 50 free np's, and now we're going to raise the prices randomly!


  • Never heard of Polvo before this disc. Now I totally want it and their older material, too.
  • I was really excited about it (so mad at myself for skipping their reunion show in Hoboken).

    Exploded Drawing is the one I've listened to over and over again. Think I'll finally d/l Cor-Crane Secret as a consolation prize.
  • Now I'm really annoyed. I was just about to cave and get In Prism in spite of the price change, but it occurred to me that they are on Merge. Merge is one of the labels that doesn't do album discounts. The Magnetic Field's 69 Love Songs costs 69 nps even though it's a 3 CD set. Just flipped through a few pages of their releases and found everything to be 1 to 1.

    That's ridiculous. If that's really their new policy than I won't be supporting Merge anymore.
  • 69 Love Songs is so good that I've already brought it twice on CD. Maybe I''l buy it again on MP3.
  • I'd be tempted to get it again in CD format as the booklet and box that housed the set were slightly damaged in a flood a couple years back. The collector in me struggles to not repurchase CDs simply because the booklets have become too nicked up...

    Actually just fired off an e-mail to Merge asking them if they were going to start doing album discounts, too. It just kind of irks me.
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