New Rev Horton Heat

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I'm digging the new Reverend Horton Heat album, "Laughin' and Cryin' with...". It's all pretty country-fried, without any of the heavy guitar psychobilly burners of some past albums, but all in all, a strong release. I listened to it free at before committing... 8-)


  • I noticed it was out. I'll probably get it. I always forget how much I like 'em until a new album comes out.
  • Listening to it right now--while it's not bad, it doesn't have the immediacy of some of his earlier stuff. In other words, it doesn't make me want to go out, get drunk, get in a fight, and wake up the next morning in someone's hedge.

    On the other hand, There Ain't no Saguaro in Texas and Please Don't Take the Baby to the Liquor Store will wind up on some playlists before the end of the weekend.
  • since i no longer peak into folk's downloads, i have no way of knowing how much slim cessna is in your vaults - but slim is the real deal.
  • since i no longer peak into folk's downloads, i have no way of knowing how much slim cessna is in your vaults - but slim is the real deal.

    There's a name I haven't heard for awhile; Slim Cessna's Auto Club. I caught them a few times when I was living out in Denver. In fact, they may have opened for the Reverend Horton Heat at the Ogden Theater, but I could be misremembering that; it was a very long time ago. The accordian player (Frank?) worked at Wax Trax, if I recall. Half the band was Denver, the other half out in Rhode Island or something. Man, I'm just making one wild stab after the other at my memories of fifteen years ago. None of that might be accurate. There might not even be a band called Slim Cessna's Auto Club. But if there is, I saw them several times in concert, had a couple of their early albums, and liked their music.
    Oh, hey, no, I think I saw them open for 16 Horsepower, and it was at the Odgen.
    Oh, never mind.
  • yes - definitely is a slim cessna auto club + yes they are a denver band like 16hp + yes they rawk!
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    Went over and had a look at Slim Cessna. First thoughts were, "Do I need more Holy Music?" The answer to that is that I do not, and that, indeed, I find myself increasingly irritated by the seemingly never-ending queue of singers who want to bring me to God. Nevertheless, I had a look at one of the videos and it came to seem that these guys are not preaching, but are playing all kinds of interesting games with the language of the Big Book. So down I loaded one of their albums. I have yet to listen to it, as I'm pretty much into one of those periods when the sound of Silence is a sufficiency and a boon, but I will get back and let you know what I think of it later.

    From there, by a route which I can no longer recall, I found myself checking out A.A. Bondy. More Holy Music; this time out there in M. Ward territory. Now I have come to find Ward's godbothering more than a little tiresome, and his finger-wagging positively obnoxious, and have only managed to listen to the last offering once. Would Bondy fill the gap? So far, he does seem to be doing so. Yes, he uses the images and tropes of the Good Book, but that is not, in itself, a bad thing. I'm not the kind of atheist that thinks all religion is bunk, and that the Bible is just a mess of fairy tales (in fact, I have a lot of respect for fairy tales). And hypersecularism cuts us off from a lot of rootsy stuff that we still need: if you can't find your way around the old myths, you can read virtually no fiction or poetry. The Romantics, whether English, German or French, mean nothing - Keats just mumbles, Baudelaire talks bolleaux (old joke) and Goethe is nothing but a boring old fart with some odd ideas about vegetables. Once you read them through the Bible and the Greeks, they may not make sense - who would want them to? - but they pop the mind most gloriously.

    Bondy is that good. His lyrics are exceptionally witty, literate, thoughtful and imaginative. Musically, he's obviously in the line from Dylan, leaning towards the Lost Boys of American rock and country. If you haven't done so, give him a listen.
  • hopefully you dl'd "blind man" as one of your np's. the intro to that song is perfect.

    re: big book...who knew it had redemption in it???
  • I've only ever made a cursory listen to Bondy before. With that recommendation I may need to do more!

    There's redemption in the Bible? Do the redeemed need to escape from prison through a sewer pipe and live happily ever after on a beach in Mexico?

  • Do the redeemed need to escape from prison through a sewer pipe and live happily ever after on a beach in Mexico?

    Uh-oh. Do I sense a Black Hole yawning open.
  • I thought to escape from prison you had to...

    a) have the heavily disguised blueprints tattooed over your body
    b) be some kind of architectural engineering genius
    c) be the victims of a massively complicated conspiracy

    ...or did I get that wrong?
  • You got it wrong xtrev. That's to break YOUR BROTHER out of prison. Duh.

    Tim, I apologize but the Black Hole reference predates me and it has never been explained to me, so I'm going to have to answer "dunno."

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    Craig, I think the term Black Hole can cover several bits of oddness and suchlike. One kind of Black Hole is where you mess up the visual presentation of a thread on the eMu board, so that it looks as if there's large extents of nothing - in fact, you need to scroll sideways to find the content. Generally, when you find the content, it's made up of various bits of silliness, proto-narrative, and plaintive cries for help. Sometimes you can get all of that without the messed up presentation. Often troll threads seemed to mutate into one or another form of Black Hole. Or people just hijacked a thread out of generosity of soul.

    BTW, selfrisinmojo and I are honing in on the end of the Don Pedro tale over on the Black Hole Archives.
  • Ah yes! Of course! How silly of me.

    Carry on.
  • Then I hope that Black Holes aren't looked at negatively (with this group I'm guessing not), because I do have a tendency to interject bits of oddness and suchlike with some regularity!

  • d'oh! glad you two have been carrying the banner...will chx out the don pedro adventure shortly. end of summer trips have just taken up all time for fun+games.


    btw, shawshank redemption is a compelling story - how do you get your american film fix, tim?
  • o - the flip side of jesus music is satan music (which you must play at 45 rpm backwards) - of which, the flesheaters would be at the top of the pile - especially the iteration known as chris d. and the divine horsemen (or just "the divine horsemen).

    the boris + sunn o))) rekkid has to play to that topic as well.
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