Emusic radio?

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For those of us unfortunate enough to be outside USA, we sorely miss the emusic/pandora mashup - a great tool for finding music to download from emusic. Can anybody suggest another radio station that would play a lot of stuff available on emusic? I'm mostly interested in the alt pop/singer-songwriter sort of genres.
Glad you're here - the 'other' forum wasn't very satisfying........


  • I quite like the last.fm radio facilities. Obviously it's not emusic specific, but at least it's not limited to standard big-name commercial stuff.
  • Thanks for the reply. I do use last.fm a bit. There is quite a bit of stuff actually tagged 'emusic', so you can get some of it by playing the 'globaltags emusic' playlist. But its pretty short. I guess what we need is a lastfm/emusic mash-up, similar to the pandora one..... It shouldn't be rocket science - I can't understand why emusic hasn't partnered with somebody to get a radio station out there - can't think of a better way to get the material heard.
    Any other ideas? Is there a live365 station that covers it pretty well? What about jango, or some of the other new services?
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