“aes Campanum” – Roland Emile Kuit, 2019

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Best wishes for 2020 Emusers!

When I was up for the Christmas program at the Concertzender I had to come up with something different than Jingle Bells.

“aes Campanum” – Roland Emile Kuit, 2019. 00:58:42

Algorithmic and stochastic composed soundscape mix of Church Bells from all over the world. From Stockholm to Rome and from Jerusalem to Paris, turned into new shapes and bronze expressions as Radio Art.

Churches: St. Peter’s Cathedral, St. Peter’s Monastery, Notre Dame, St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Christkindl Church, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, St. Mary Church (Marienkirche), Frauenkirche, St. Lorenz Church,St. Trinitatis Church, Kreuzkirche, Westminster Abbey, St. Goudul, St. Veit’s Cathedral, Savorn Cathedral, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Dionysos Cathedral, Saworsk Monastery, Cathedral of Christi Birth.

Roland Emile Kuit – Kyma.

Peace to you all!


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