Experimental Electronic Labels on eMusic

edited December 2019 in Electronic

Some of these lean more toward techno, IDM, or noise.  Divergent from the norm, in any case.  

I will try to leave out ambient, droning, and non-electronic experimental labels for another post, but some overlap is inevitable.  

Recommended labels:  Alrealon; Ante-Rasa; Astro:Dynamics; Collective Resonance; dingn\dents; Domestic; Focused Silence; Full of Nothing; Knekelhuis; Multi Culti; Nice Music; Provenance; ROHS!; Slowfoot; SVK-CAPP-Glaufx; Transatlantyk; Tsuku Boshi; Uncharted Audio; 

Not particularly recommended labels:  Ante-Rasa; Katabatik;  Kyonpalm; MAUNA; Perth; 6one6-defrec; Tyrell; 

As I’ve mentioned, my favorite labels from the above have one foot planted firmly in experimentation and the other somewhere else in electronica and pop.  I want absolutely everything on Mutli Culti, alternate between enticed and perplexed by Tsuku Boshi, find a lot of Knekelhuis intriguing, but have only sprung for a couple ambient albums by Japanese-named artists on ROHS! and want to try the Korean abstract IDM on dingn\dents but have yet to afford any.  As for the rest, I’ve only sampled and hope some others will take the plunge and share what they find.

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