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Just canceled my emusic account. Already said my goodbyes there. I am also leaving emusers. Much as I have enjoyed this forum it would be too difficult to
be part of discussions about music that I no longer had access to. Plus, jonahpwll is monitoring me, I just know it's me - the pressure, the pressure! Anyway, best of luck to all, and thanks.


  • Bye, thirsty! Please drop in if you find something noteworthy on any other site, in the brick and mortar, blogs, etc. You have added much to the discussions here.
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    Sorry you're going - all the more as I think this place could widen out from emu to other places, and also could be a place to talk about music generally. But it's your life.

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  • yes - loop back with us with any aspects you'd like to share - we're always here.

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    Tremble in fear: I am making a post.
    Well, I don't think you should go. When you say 'difficult', do you mean you'd be pained to listen to talk of music you no longer had access to through emu or that it's just tough talking about music on a site that you no longer visit? The first I understand, the second, I say screw it. I plan on officially quitting emusic in the next couple days, and if they don't make a good enough offer to rejoin, I'll still keep posting on emusers. Hitting a jazz thread now and then, making the occasional ominous post; y'know, fun stuff.
    If you still feel like shooting the breeze on jazz, however, and emusers isn't in your plans, you should hop over to the Allaboutjazz[dot]com forums.
    P.S. If it's in poor taste to mention another site, mods, please feel free to delete out that last line. No hard feelings.
    Cheers, thirstyear.
  • jonahpwll, There's no problem mentioning other sites! I believe it's encouraged, such as Amazon deal of the day, Amiestreet news, personal blogs, and so forth.

    Take care, thirstyear.
  • The more sites the merrier!
    And yes, sorry to see you go thirstyear.
    Hope to see you back sometime.
  • Thirsty

    I guess there is not much left after the love is gone

  • I don't think you should go either. We can talk about music that you buy at a brick and mortar store as well as any other place.
    Like today I heard on KUT that it was some jazz tenor sax guy's birthday today, what the hell was his name? born in 1918 damn, Arthur, Bud, no that's not it, hang on, Arnett Cobb, that's the one, a song called Black Velvet. Damn, I might get to like jazz after all. I do a little bit some things.
    I have at least 3 lp's that may be jazz, Chris Connor, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges "Back to Back" but they're playin the blues so I guess that's not Jazz, but my cat likes it. When I play that LP she will sit in front of the speakers and listen to it. Not any other music but that one.
    So don't leave thirstyear.
  • Personally I've been hoping that this site continues to expand its discussions of music in all realms. Since more and more of the "regulars" will be leaving eMusic in the coming months, this forum would die off rather quickly if it focused only there. My d/l lists have been linking to Lala, Amazon, Amie Street, and Limewire so far. And you can be sure that I'll mention any physical CDs I get a chance to check out, too.

    Assuming this site is still going strong, I'll be sticking around after my final refresh in January.
  • Google featured this thread when I did a search on eMusers.

    Man, so many people we've lost over the years.  It'd be nice to have these people back.

    Also, please ignore my prediction that I was going to quit eMusic approximately eight years earlier than I actually did. Thx.
  • Was just missing Katrina's presence on this board when I had an iTunes syncing problem. Of course the issue was with iPhone rather than with the Special Edition Red U2 iPod, which was her special area of expertise
  • Yes there are people I miss too - Craig, although I do see of his Twitter comments, Bad Thoughts, Elwoodicious and others. 
  • Frogkpof?
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    Missing @RonanM who has a soundcloud account with poetry /storytelling:

    Also missing @dubdance , Reggae and dub expert, @kez and ofcourse @Nereffid
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    Plong42 said:
    @frogkopf ;Last Active February 2015

    ETA: oh yes, and @vivaldi55 ;Last Active  February 2014
  • I associate@frogkopf  with AmieStreet, chasing his streetcred record.
  • It was fun hanging out here on Tuesday nights during (and after) the Amie St. Tuesday night drops.  What fun manic music purchasing that was.

    I still have so many Amie St. purchases that I listen to all the time, and which I might not have ever discovered were it not for that site.
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    jonahpwll said:
    It was fun hanging out here on Tuesday nights during (and after) the Amie St. Tuesday night drops.  What fun manic music purchasing that was.

    I still have so many Amie St. purchases that I listen to all the time, and which I might not have ever discovered were it not for that site.
    Oh yes, and for me specially the huge New World/NWCRI drop going on for something like 3 days with 1 or 2 albums per hour. As I remember it, free for the first 5 people or so.
    Classical music on Amie Street
    The "before it's too late thread"
    Gems from the New World Records & NWCRI catalogue

    - I also miss @selfrisinmojo who started the  Psychedelic pop appreciation thread
  • Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans (and greetings to everyone else)!

    It's gratifying to know that I am still remembered, and I am sorry to say that I haven't felt like participating. Indeed, I've bought little new music over the last year. However, going back to a lot of early vocal music reminded me of conversations we had.

    I can't say things have been easy. My academic career has stalled, so I'm transitioning to teaching. The boy is now 12, and his hobbies tend to be mine: model making, miniature wargaming (Warhammer, Flames of War and the like). Indeed, our disposable income tends to go to him rather than me and my wife. I'm still playing the mandolin, though not going out to sessions and jams as I often did.

    Right now, we're planning our Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is trying to recover from a cold, so we're trying to revise our menu from something more ambitions (originally individual hand raised pies).

  • Great to hear from you BT. Hope you enjoy teaching. I did it the other way around, 21 years teaching followed by 20 plus years as a university lecturer.
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    Good to hear from you BT. Sorry about the career hiccup, but teaching is (can be) a noble and often satisfying calling. I hope your Thanksgiving is a blessing!
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