Finally updated: Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

I think it's been a decade or two, but there's finally a new version out that doesn't require flash and has a tonne more samples that aren't at stream-on-dialup kbps quality:

The writeups are delightfully sarcastic:

Some genres are virtually unlistenable but you can still appreciate them on an artistic or technical level even if you don't like them a whole lot.

Not the case with Noise because Noise is not music. Noise is exactly what it is: Noise. It is the sonic equivalent of eating human hair dipped in vaseline, and just as enjoyable.

But that's the point. Most people don't think a microphone feedback squeal is very appealing. And then there's the type of people who are like "Make that sound louder!" probably just to spite the people who hate it.


For comparison, the old one is here: (needs flash, really now only useful as a museum piece.)

And, they also made a small (only 15 hours) DJ set of probably all the genres in case you want some listening:

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