Estudios Hispánicos: eMusic Labels from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America

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Glad for the positive reception of EAS last week.  Here’s a guide for navigating the overwhelming number of labels on eMusic from regions speaking Spanish and/or Portuguese.  Just like the previous list, I hope it show’s there’s still A LOT of interesting music on the site.  

This’ll be more dense and less country-specific b/c I don’t want to look up the individual countries involved.  Again, despite downloading from several of these, “Recommended for You” just keeps pushing the same 5-10 labels and artists, so I expect these will be new for lots of folks on the forum as well.  They’re in approximate descending order of my personal interest, except for the Overflow section (enter at your own risk), with main styles and specific recommendations in parentheses.  If your tastes align with college radio, I think you should be able to find something worth downloading from most of the “favorite” labels below 1. En español, 2. In Portuguese, 3. Overlap, or 4. Favoritos Individuales.  And for the monolingual, don’t despair!  This is decidedly NOT just a list of world music.  Not understanding the lyrics shouldn’t be a problem in your favorite genres or where there are no lyrics to understand, right?

En español:  Terrícolas Imbéciles (rock, pop…Juana Molina, Austin TV); Jabalina (pop); Potoco Discos (hip-hop, electronic); CVRA LVDORVM (rock, pop, world, hip-hop, experimental); Humo (99 cent bargains); Enchufada (electronic, pop); El Templo ReKords (prog rock, jazz, fusion); Artesa de Arte (folk, rock); Hueso (electronic…TV on the Radio fans see “Oido”); CHT Muzik (world, jazz, rock); Beast Discos (rock); Raiz Discos (pop, rock…far-out stuff from Bubu labeled “industrial”); Orion (electronica…favorite is Prototipo);  FOL Musica (folk); Matraca (electronic); Ground Control (synth-pop & rock EPs…try The Parrots);  SubmarinoAtomico (rock, jazz, blues, reggae, world); Discos del Saladillo (rock); Discos de Kirlian (rock); Bost Espacio Creativo (jazz, flamenco); Kuai (jazz); Balaio (jazz); Calle 54 (jazz); Armatoste Brazo Discográfico (rock, pop…all titles only 99 cents!); El Dromedario (gitano, rock); Red Poncho Producciones (rock, pop, jazz); Esmerarte (rock); Merca (folk, rock, jazz, pop); Sello Azul (folk, pop); Severalia (Spanish folk); That’s All Music (pop, rock, jazz, folk); cdcopiadvd (folk); decimulabs (novelty, experimental); musicadelsur (folk, pop); LOWFREQMX (drum & bass); Mass Records (pop); Ouvirmos (folk, new classical…try Zoar albums); Oveja Negra (oldies, jazz, rock); Sello Fisura (hip-hop, rock…try Arias); Roof Cat (punk, metal, pop); Vir (regions of Spain, with attitude…hip-hop, punk, folk, jazz); Áureo Rex (Hard rock but also try Gallo Lobo, La Perra); Rootsound (Eskorzo & Los 300); Little Red Corvette (pop, hip-hop, jazz, rock, electronic); Cassette Alternativo (alt. rock… try Vallow, Liz Unphair) A NEW LABEL (hard rock, metal, punk); Monqui Albino (indie rock); El Genio Equivocado (alt. rock); Triquinoise (hard and older rock); Flor y Nata (rock); Dragora (rock); Chavalote (lots of folks comparing Niño Mercurio to MBV); Mascarpone (experimental); Gandula (rock); Suite Soprano (hip-hop); La Vendicion (hip-hop); Chilevision (folk, rock); Arrhythmia (electronic); Sello Misisipi (blues); Takeo (jazz, folk, and assuredly the only label that’s on both this list and the East Asian one)

In Portuguese:  Sagitta (pop); Groovie (vintage tropicalia…I don’t know why fans of Os Mutantes aren’t raving about this one constantly); Rock It! (synth-pop, pop, and yes, some rock though on the softer side); Dan Dada (dub, electronic, rap); Audio Porto (jazz, rock, electronic); Music in My Soul Portugal (pop, rock); Kimahera (folk, pop, hip-hop, rock, electronic); Tradisom (traditional folk from Portugal problematic for the “world music” versus folk divide); Dope Muzik (rap); Miranda Records Brazil (pop, rock); Music for All (rock, pop, world); Monstro Discos (hard rock, nu-rock); Toca Discos (hard rock…mostly singles); Música Global Discográfica S.L (pop); Big Bit Música (hip-hop); Elemess (pop, rock, electronic); (jazz, folk)

Overlap (en ambas o varias lenguas):  aCentral Folque (folk, world, jazz); Barbes (world); Cambra (world, pop, rock); Microscopi (rock, folk, world, pop); Several (world); Arcadia (pop, rock); Thot (hip-hop)

Favoritos Individuales (Still on the site in Aug.’19, either alone on their “label” or not on a Hispanic/Latin label…I know this the internet, but all you white supremacists out there need to cool it with the “invasion” language y abrazar la música already!):  “Unbalanced:  Concerto for Ensemble” - Moisés P. Sánchez, 2019 [jazz].  “S/t” - Atropolis, 2011 [electronic]; Los Amigos Invisibles [electronic]; Gilberto Gil (lots out there) [folk]; Manu Chao [synth pop/folk]; “No Podemos Volver a Casa” - Mirafiori, 2006 [soft rock]; “Mono Y Toro EP” - Son of Run, 2012 [lounge/electronic]; “Vozero” - Phil Manzanera (rock); “Dulce Compañia” - DJ Python, 2017; 

Overflow (Alphabetically, with tons of titles—easily over 10k—which aren’t my favorites but could be yours, while sustaining long exploration…please report back your findings!):  Abdel la Esencia TRES (dancehall); Abstract Mechanisms (techno); Ace Music (pop, reggae, rock, electronic); Alberri (oldies); Altafonte; Alvo (rock); Analaga (folk, pop, hip-hop); ANAOH (techno); ANDINA INC. (oldies greatest hits); Antequera (oldies); Astro; Astro Discos; Athens of the North; Atresmusica; Autoproducido (a bit of everything); B9 Records (hip-hop); Beastiful (country, folk, electronic); Beathey (house); BeToYou (pop, hip-hop); Blanco Sur (rock); Boa Musica (hip-hop, pop); Bringing Music to Life; Capitan Simio (rock); Caribe Music dos (oldies); CHR (pop, mariachi, rock); Cinquillo; Clap Clap (alt. rock); Cobo; Colombo (pop); Conalmusica (Mexican pop salsa); Cuatro Vientos (new age); Dbn; Deepna (house); Dinastia Inc. (oldies); Discos de la Bahia; Discos Fuentes (oldies, pop, salsa orchestras); Discos Humeantes (punk rock); Discos TRUS (oldies); Discos Walden (rock); Discotoni (old salsa); Don Juan Global Market (salsa, pop, hip-hop); Dora Black (hip-hop); 829Music Mundial LLC (pop, salsa); Eclesiastés Studio (Christian punk); El Segell del Primavera; EO! Música (soft rock like Matchbox20); Ernie; ESPANTAPAJAROS (rock, pop vocalists); Esongs Entertainment (mariachi, oldies, cheesy stuff);  Estudios Multitrack; FAK; Fono Astur; Globomedia Musica; Great Touch-Pow (old salsa); Guarida Sónica (pop, folk); Halcon (old salsa & mariachi); Hall of Fame; IFO Producciones (pop, hip-hop); Imagenes (funk, R&B); Illegal Alien (techno); Independiente/Independiente Music; Indigo; Indie; JBC (metal); Jesus Manuel (pop); Jose Luis Alvarez-Svetlana Novojilova Shulguina (oldies, winner of “worst record label name” here: ); Karen (oldies, pop, salsa); La Cupula; La Vanguardia (pop, electronic, rock); Lanzadera; Limbo; Media Music; Miami Moon (pop); Mojo (salsa, hip-hop, pop); Moon Records Lisboa (pop); MTM Ltda; Multitrack (adult contemporary); Mundano (rock, punk);  Names You Can Trust (Salsa, Cumbia); no label (punk); Nubenegra (world); P.M. Productions (folk); PencilBoy (house…but try Poltamento); Phorminx (oldies); Picap (1k titles with unusual amount of jazz); Pirca (rock, fusion); Puzzle Heads (house); Produlam (hard alt. rock);  Right Here Right Now; Producciones Colibrí (jazz, world, pop);  PSM (jazz, rock); Quemasucabeza; Regio Norte (Mexican salsa oldies); Renzhow Productions (pop), Rock Indiana (alt. rock); Rock y Reggae Ediciones S.A.; Santo Grial Producciones (de España in almost all genres); Secret Family (hip-hop); Semifusa Studio (alt. rock); Seres Producoes (house); SG Music (1970s-1980s pop); Sin Anestesia (pop, hip-hop); Subterfuge; Super Discos; Tañidos (classical); Tatun (house/techno); Terror Negro (electronic, hip-hop); TOV Productions (oldies); Trafalgar13 (cortometraje soundtracks); 300 Producciones (rock); TRRR Discos; Tyrell (new age, exp. elec., pop); Ultrapop; Um Passo (techno); Unicornio (oldies, world, rock); Vende (hip-hop, reggae); World Music Factory; YT Rocket (salsa, pop); Zepedabros (rock singles); Zero (rock, hard rock).

As ever, for more detailed label descriptions, see my personal site: Per the sections on the remaining label survey a week ago, more geographic lists are possible with continued gratitude.  And again, dígame the labels I’ve missed!  Every time I think I’ve found all my favorites, a few more pop up in a search, so this’ll be a work in progress like any list.  I expect Latin music enthusiasts on eMusic must outnumber East Asian fans by orders of magnitude.  In no way does the unavailability of music anyone’s heard of on eMusic resemble this classic Simpsons scene:   Were everything still available, we’d never have reason to search out these hidden gems!

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