Live jazz

Peter Brötzmann & Heather Leigh
Just a quick iPad capture from last night.


  • Nice!  Where was this show?
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    At a bookstore/bar called Wild Detectives in Dallas.
    Sold out with standing room only (on the sides and behind me).
    We talked after the show. I brought up Big Ears and Heather
    said that they were invited this year, but they were in Russia
    if I’m remembering correctly.

    Also, I may have missed a general thread on seeing live shows,
    but if there really isn’t one, then the thread title could be changed
    to “Live Shows” if folks think that’s a better idea.
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    I do my best to keep my live show attendance noted on Facebook.

    (Hm, though those are Public, it does appear that one needs to be logged into Facebook to see them. I wasn't aware of that requirement.)
  • Well, this being a music forum, I was thinking that we would have a place here for possibly general
    (or just jazz, if you like) info about shows we’ve been seeing. There may already be one,
    but I didn’t see it. It’s early morning before caffeine, so I could be missing it.
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    Omar Sosa and his Quartetto Afrocubano appearing at Bird's Basement in Melbourne last week. Only 50 or 60 people there (I was lucky enough to be sitting at a table within 1 metre/yard of Omar) but one of the best jazz concerts I've been to in a long time

  • Saw Melbourne based band, The Senegambian Jazz Band at the Melbourne Recital Centre on Wednesday night. The video clip is from a previous performance. A must see if they come your way.

    "The Senegambian Jazz Band, hailing from Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana and Australia, fuses Afro jazz, deep world music beats, and funk to create some awe-inspiring melodies, driven by the West African 21 string instrument the 'kora'."

  • I'm familiar with Omar Sosa, but I need to check out the Senegambian Jazz Band sometime. Thanks for the pics and descriptions.
  • There is/was a "How was the show" thread, but I can't find it!

    I saw Makaya McCraven + quartet in SF when I was there. Excellent show, highly recommended if he comes to your town. They're in Europe this summer, I believe.
  • @Doofy That thread is here...

    But I fully support a separate thread called "Live Jazz" for obvious reasons.

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    I think McCraven’s show was one of, if not, THE best show at Big Ears this year.

    Thanks for the link. I was pretty sure that we had something about live shows.
    You can decide want you want to do with my thread. Thanks jonahpwll!
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