What I bought from eMusic last month.

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With all the talk about how increasingly hard it is to find good music to buy on eMusic, I thought it would be interesting to exchange lists of what we've downloaded in the past month. Funnily enough, I am still finding some really good stuff.

Here is my list with artist first and album name second, followed by number of tracks downloaded:

Alan Lee                                  "An Australian Jazz Anthology" (1 track)
Alquin                                      "Marks" (complete album)
Alquin                                      "The Mountain King" (complete album)
Baby Woodrose                        "Live at Gutter Island" (1 track)
Bachman-Turner Overdrive     "King Biscuit Hour Presents..." (1 track)
Cult of Luna                             "Somewhere along the Highway" (complete album)
Cult of Luna                             "Salvation" (1 track)
Dave Kerzner                           "New World Live" (3 tracks)
Emanative                                "Earth" (2 tracks)
Gravy Train                              "(A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man" (2 tracks)
Jake Holmes                             "A Letter to Katherine December" (2 tracks)
Jerkus Singelton                       "Refuse to Lose" (3 tracks)
Joe McPhee                              "Nation Time" (complete album)
Journey                                    "Live into the Future" (5 tracks)
Kaki King                                 "Everybody Loves you" (3 tracks)
Mammal Hands                        "Floa" (3 tracks)
Missy Higgins                          "The Sound of White" (1 track)
Mystery                                    "Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face" (2 tracks)
Mystery                                    "Lies and Butterflies" (1 track)
Quartz                                     "Quartz" (4 tracks)
Randa and the Soul Kingdom  "Randa and the Soul Kingdom" (complete album)
Soul Toronado                         "The Complete Recordings" (2 tracks)
Steve Lacy                               "The Forest and the Zoo" (complete album)
Symphony X                            "V: The New Mythology Suite" (1 track)
Terri Lyne Carrington               "The Act Years" (3 tracks)
The Bamboos                           "Fever in the Road" (7 tracks)
The Eden House                       "Songs for the Broken Ones" (3 tracks)
The Paladins                            "Let's Buzz" (2 tracks)
William Parker & Hamid Drake  "Piercing the Veil" (2 tracks)
Various Artists                         "Live from  the Artists Den: Season One" (1 track)
Various Artists                         "Magic Moments: Summer Calling" (1 track)
Various Artists                         "Masters of Misery" (3 tracks)
Various Artists                         "Vintage Plug 60: Session 1" (1 track)
Various Artists                         "Vintage Plug 60: Session 2" (1 track)

Quite an eclectic mix but includes some really excellent music.


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