What I bought from eMusic last month.

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With all the talk about how increasingly hard it is to find good music to buy on eMusic, I thought it would be interesting to exchange lists of what we've downloaded in the past month. Funnily enough, I am still finding some really good stuff.

Here is my list with artist first and album name second, followed by number of tracks downloaded:

Alan Lee                                  "An Australian Jazz Anthology" (1 track)
Alquin                                      "Marks" (complete album)
Alquin                                      "The Mountain King" (complete album)
Baby Woodrose                        "Live at Gutter Island" (1 track)
Bachman-Turner Overdrive     "King Biscuit Hour Presents..." (1 track)
Cult of Luna                             "Somewhere along the Highway" (complete album)
Cult of Luna                             "Salvation" (1 track)
Dave Kerzner                           "New World Live" (3 tracks)
Emanative                                "Earth" (2 tracks)
Gravy Train                              "(A Ballad of) A Peaceful Man" (2 tracks)
Jake Holmes                             "A Letter to Katherine December" (2 tracks)
Jerkus Singelton                       "Refuse to Lose" (3 tracks)
Joe McPhee                              "Nation Time" (complete album)
Journey                                    "Live into the Future" (5 tracks)
Kaki King                                 "Everybody Loves you" (3 tracks)
Mammal Hands                        "Floa" (3 tracks)
Missy Higgins                          "The Sound of White" (1 track)
Mystery                                    "Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face" (2 tracks)
Mystery                                    "Lies and Butterflies" (1 track)
Quartz                                     "Quartz" (4 tracks)
Randa and the Soul Kingdom  "Randa and the Soul Kingdom" (complete album)
Soul Toronado                         "The Complete Recordings" (2 tracks)
Steve Lacy                               "The Forest and the Zoo" (complete album)
Symphony X                            "V: The New Mythology Suite" (1 track)
Terri Lyne Carrington               "The Act Years" (3 tracks)
The Bamboos                           "Fever in the Road" (7 tracks)
The Eden House                       "Songs for the Broken Ones" (3 tracks)
The Paladins                            "Let's Buzz" (2 tracks)
William Parker & Hamid Drake  "Piercing the Veil" (2 tracks)
Various Artists                         "Live from  the Artists Den: Season One" (1 track)
Various Artists                         "Magic Moments: Summer Calling" (1 track)
Various Artists                         "Masters of Misery" (3 tracks)
Various Artists                         "Vintage Plug 60: Session 1" (1 track)
Various Artists                         "Vintage Plug 60: Session 2" (1 track)

Quite an eclectic mix but includes some really excellent music.


  • This may not be what you were looking for, but I've been keeping a list of past purchases on this web page. Warning: Some of the URLs no longer work, and especially for the older purchases, the album is no longer for sale at that price, but the most recent year has some good stuff which are probably still valid. I'm more of a bargain hunter though and find it hard to pass up a really cheap album. 

    Lately I've really gotten into Tetty Kadi (1970s Indonesian singer) whose album I bought for 99 cents. 
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    from the first of february:

  • Thanks Brighternow and Plong42. Two excellent lists!
  • My February purchases are as follows:

    BN and Plong - how did you copy the album covers? However I've tried I cannot do so - I am using Google as my browser. I can never copy images from eMusic these days.
  • I used the windows clipping tool.
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    @greg said:
    BN and Plong - how did you copy the album covers? However I've tried I cannot do so - I am using Google as my browser. I can never copy images from eMusic these days.
    I used the Firefox screenshot function (rightclick > Take a Screen shot > save >>> )
    Album covers from Emusic: (Firefox) Rightclick > See background image > save as.
    (works on Soundcloud too)
    - I hardly use anything but FF these days

    ETA: your links directs to my own library (my emusic)
    - How to make links that works for others:
    Remove library/ from the url, or find the album page in the store.
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    (Not sure where the last month ends, been using boosters)

    Warning: The Rachmaninoff is a bad rip - it's all there but there are some sound defects on some tracks.
  • Thanks BN - I'll have a try later. I've never used Firefox, so worth a go
  • Labels seem to be dropping like flies again, at least here in the US. Those interested in getting anything should go ahead and get it, if it's still there to be gotten
  • This includes almost everything I have purchased recently: Dualtone, Akarma (70s prog), 1994 / ENJA RECORDS Matthias Winckelmann (Rabih Abou-Khalil), RareNoise (Jamie Saft Quartet), Guruguru Brain (Kikagaku Moyo), ArconomX Music (Erik Friedlander). All Gone.

    I wonder if it is a site-wide problem, although Merge is still there; RedBullet (sketchy 70s albums), Brilliant Classics, etc. ForTune is still there, some really good albums yet to be had.

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    I’m rather fond of Red Bullet which includes some great 1970s era Dutch rock e.g. Focus, Supersister, Alquin, Golden Earring, Earth & Fire (no Wind!) and Shocking Blue plus some of the usual, pretty ordinary stuff.
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    My downloads for March.

  • My march haul:

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    My final fling:

    Basically, I cleaned out all I was interested in from ACT's back catalogue, plus some prog stuff and a few ambient albums (my last discovery was that Moshimoss album and the Duskscape not Seen compilation, both on the same label).
    Spot the one album of super-cheap bulk wallpaper music to use up some last dregs of a booster :-). That will also tell you when what I thought was my last booster turned out to be not quite the last. But I think buying that album was a sure sign I was about to leave.
  • Thanks Brighternow and Germanprof. Your lists have led to some great discoveries for me. I hope that mine did likewise.
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    Lounge Arena, GP? Interestingly, there is a lot of overlap between my ACT purchases and yours over the last few weeks. Without ACT I'd have probably lasted at least one month less.
  • I’m on $6.49 a month and not buying much boosters, but recent months I’ve dl’ed and enjoyed Low Power by H. Takahashi, Tides by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Time ‘n’ Place by Kero Kero Bonito and Vrioon by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto.

    Also been picking up tracks from the Sun Ra singles comp and any Else Marie Pade comp, whittling them down to where they are under my limit.
  • @greg yup, that’s the one. And me too, ACT kept me in the last couple of months.
    @peterfrederics glad it was helpful, and yes, I‘ve been following your posts closely too; the Alquin was one of yours, thanks!
    @amclark2 I love that Takahashi album!
  • This month, when I got it to work, I got Electronic Works 1958-1995 by Else Marie Pade, a $.99 Merzbow album, and Divertissement by William Basinski for $.49
  • I saw a few days ago that “divertissement” had moved up the eMusic charts -I have wondered several times in the last few weeks how many purchases it takes to get an album into those charts lately. It reminds me a lot of the last days of Amie Street, when there was a scramble to buy the last good albums and the last cheap albums to make free credit by pushing their prices up.
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    My downloads for April.
    My special picks are the Lizard albums ("Single Omen" and "Half-Live"), "Poco Live", "Hunting the Snake" by the Schlippenbach Quartet, "Elephant Ball" by Crystal Sypho, the Marion Brown albums ("Why Not?" and "Marion Brown" and the Coil albums. The JPT Scare Band albums "Acid Acetate Excursion" and "Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden" are pretty good too.

  • Emu stuff from April:

    And a bonus info from Last FM

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    Some really good music amongst this month's lot. My top picks are the following:
    • Freddie Hubbard "The Hub of Hubbard"
    • Stonefield "As Above, So Below"
    • Kuniko Kato "kuniko plays reich"
    • Antibalas "Talkatif"
    • Eduardo Sandoval "Caminos Albiertos"
    • King Buffalo "Orion"
    • Dini Safarrar "Thiam"
    • Sun Ra "The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Vol. 2"
    • Albert Ayler "New York Ear and Eye Control"

  • Emu:


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