GDPR madness

As you're all probably aware by now the EU have brought in some splendid new legislation to make our lives more difficult safer and better online.
Since this site isn't a business and doesn't do anything with your data other than enable the running of the forum, I'm reasonably sure that it really isn't anything we need to worry about too much.
However, just in case...

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The only data gathered by the site (apart from whatever you post publicly) is:
  • Username 
  • Email Address
  • Date Joined 
  • Number of Visits
  • Roles (Member, Admin, etc)
  • Last Active Date/Time
  • Last IP address you accessed the site from.

As I understand it, consent shouldn't be an issue. The site only gathers the basic information necessary to join and participate in a forum and nothing else is done with that data. If that was to change then we'd need new consent.

Right to remove, access, etc, your data - also not an issue. As I said, there isn't much and unless we receive hundreds of requests it can fairly easily be deleted or provided - maybe a database export if the 'machine readable' requirement is enforceable.

Security might be more of a concern unless Eythian's hosting already has that covered. One of the new requirements seems to be the need to have a plan in place detailing procedure for dealing with a data breach. I would think 'let people know as soon as possible' would be perfectly reasonable for a small hobby site like this, but who knows.

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I've been keen to hand over ownership of the domain to somebody else for quite some time now. Having this sort of legal garbage inflicted on such a small concern as emusers is pretty much the final straw. I simply don't have the free time to spend worrying about this nonsense so PLEASE somebody step up and take over soon. The domain isn't due for renewal until February 2019 but I've decided I won't be renewing it again.


  • Where is the site hosted?

    [I have my own site, obviously, but I have a dangerous lack of knowledge on how anything works.  I knew more when I first started things up, but over time, I've just focused on keeping the posts coming, and my working knowledge of site stuff has seriously deteriorated, so I might have some very stupid questions to ask).

    I'm at Dreamhost.  Is that something we could transfer over to my nest?  I'll have to check my specifics, but I'm pretty sure I have something called a Virtual Private Network (or something like that... it means my site can grow way bigger and not hit any size ceilings and error out.).

    Y'know what... let me stop there.  Is there a rundown you could provide for what it would take to get emusers out of your hair and into someone else's?
  • Thanks for the offer! 
    Eythian hosts things, so it's really only the domain name ownership that we'd need to transfer. 
    I think that basically involves me filling in a form at my end and then you agreeing to take control, followed by a period of waiting for security reasons. I'm sure it will be more complicated than that in practice, particularly if we're transferring to another registrar too but a cursory skim through the FAQs seems to suggest that will just involve a few extra delays.
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    Here's my take on the GDPR: tl;dr, I don't think it's significantly an issue at all, and I already did the bit of script to clean out the backups so they're only kept for a few weeks.

    As for the domain, I'd like for someone to hold it, for two reasons: one is that it gives a bit of decentralisation, and the other is that it's the one other bit (aside from the hosting) that involves actual money.

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