Festival band reviews

I try to go to some music festivals, around the Benelux+Germany region. At work, I have plenty of time to listen to music. So, to prepare for these festivals, I've started listening to all the bands that are playing and doing little one-liner reviews of them:


I have found a handful of great things I would never have known existed before through this (though not in this spreadsheet, prior I was using another method that I can't be bother migrating across.)


  • I just thought i would mention the Moers Festival in Germany, one of the most versatile festivals I know of.

    I went there in 2001 for The Residents Icky Flix show  
    - And besides, Germans in general are very disciplined concert audiences  (at least compared to Denmark) 

    The RESIDENTS - ICKY FLIX Moers Jazz Festival diashow

  • That looks pretty fun.
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