Sirius XM radio?


I have a 6-month Sirius subscription (thanks, new car). Does anyone here have Sirius, and if you do, what do you listen to?

Overall I haven't found a lot to listen to. I guess that mostly I listen to the Underground Garage station (yes, garage rock). They actually have a wider variety of music (in my very limited experience), and play some new songs as well as the oldies. I've tried a couple of other stations, but I'm not sure that I can listen to them for long. I've tried First Wave, a new wave-y alternative station, but the playlist seems pretty limited. I have also tried the jazz station. Day 1 was fine, and included Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis and Bobby Hutcherson. Day two included Bobby Hutcherson, Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley. Huh? And there doesn't seem to be any new jazz on there. The Blues station was ok - maybe I need to give that a longer trial. The classical station is fine, but I have a terrestrial classical station that is good. 

I guess I wonder if it's worth it to stay with Sirius.


  • When I had XM radio, I enjoyed Deep Tracks (#40, at the time). 
  • Ok, I'll check that out later today. Thanks.
  • Do not stay with Sirius.  Let that subscription run out.

    I got three free months when I bought my car.  It seemed cool at first, but once I got a tour of the different channels, there were only a couple that ultimately kept my interest.  And those channels got boring fast, because they never changed up their tunes.  Lame.

    But that's not why you should let that subscription lapse.

    I let the subscription lapse after the free period, and it's like three years later, and Sirius still bombards me with free offers to renew.  I mean, like sick deals... renew for a year, and get six months free and six months at $1/month.  Or don't renew and just take another three free months to get reacquainted.  They won't quit.  They come after me like you wish that long-ago girlfriend who ditched you would one day wake up and realize what a huge mistake she made and then pursue you like mad to get you back.

    Totally let that sub lapse, and then just cherry pick the deals to get more months.  If you even want to.  I didn't.  It just wasn't worth the hassle.

    You know, as I type this, I'm seeing a lot of parallels between Sirius and eMusic.
  • I've already been getting the hard upsell (I need a Sirius radio?) to the point that I wondered if I really did have the subscription. Thanks for the warning. 

    BTW, I've listened to Deep Tracks late yesterday afternoon and this morning coming in to work. Not bad. Each time had the Moody Blues (no a big fan of theirs), but some real, actual deep tracks for the most part. There was a set that had "Hocus Pocus" by Focus and "Dedicated Follower of Fashion" by the Kinks. The next set had "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" by Bob Dylan and "The Boston Rag" by Steely Dan, which doesn't seem to be so deep (although I do like all of those). As I said, not bad. 
  • Haha I forgot about the Sirius radio thing.

    No, they stopped with that long ago.  Now all they ask is that I merely recognize they exist and maybe throw a couple bucks their way every now and then.

    I was flipping through the channels online, and I can't recall any of those in particular really capturing my attention.  We'd do the 80s and 90s channel for fun.  I feel like maybe there's a channel or two that's no longer on there.  Or there isn't and the couple we listened to with some frequency in the beginning just didn't make an impression on my memory.  Dunno
  • When I got my car, it came with a year of both Sirius and XM, before they merged. Can't remember which one - Sirius vs. XM -  had channel names like "Bob & Flo"  or "Lucy" - ridiculous.

    You couldn't tell what sort of channel it was while driving. You'd have to look it up and memorize the channels, too much trouble. The other company at least had channel names as Jonah said, 80s, 90s, comedy, so you could tell what you'd be getting into.

    Anyway, I never felt it was worth the cost back then (around 2008). Sounds like it's come way down in price.

  • I have XM in both our cars and like it a lot, particularly for long road trips. Underground Garage, First Wave, Deep Tracks, Ozzy's Boneyard, Beatles and Petty channels are a few of my oft-used presets. My wife likes the 70s/80s/90s stations. Agree completely that you get the best deals if you let the subscription lapse every year or two.
  • Hi Muggsy,

    The first three are the ones I'm listening to most. I always switch off deep tracks when they play a shallow track, and First wave can get pretty shallow as well. Underground garage has been the most consistent, actually. They actually do play some current stuff as well as the old stuff. The jazz station is fat too samey for me. The payed 2 tunes from Dale Burbeck Dave Brubeck from the same album at two different times of the day. where's the variety? The newer tunes?
  • There's enough free radio for me. I have 12 presets and Kansas City is big enough to have variety.

    That being said, some stations have a set 12-hour playlist so I hear the same songs driving home as I heard driving into work.

    3 college stations in range, I think, so not all clear channel stuff.  

    I can see paying for XM in more remote areas. Long drives, I can plug in an iPod.
  • Rentals seem to offer Sirius, but I'm not into blocks of styles,
    so out comes the flash drive on shuffle and that seems fine.
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