Daily Download Gone?

Hi all.  Can someone confirm whether the Daily Download is no longer offered?  When I click on my old link I'm redirected to the eMusic home page.  Thanks.


  • I have not seen one since the upgraded site launched. 
  • There was a mention on their blog of them bringing it back at some point I think.
  • Thanks, I'll keep my eyes out for it!
  • I am seeing them - have downloaded one that looked as if it might be interesting (and wasn't)...

    Not sure if there is a link for them, but just scroll down the home page. It is below 'New Music' and so off the page...
  • It's members-only now though, so that's a change from the previous version. I guess I can't really blame them - I could claim that I've been thinking about re-subscribing and this makes it less likely, but if I'm being totally honest, that probably has little or nothing to do with it.
  • ScissorMan, I can confirm that it is not member only (member = having a subscription). All you need to do to get the daily download is to be logged in.
  • Hmm... Okay, you're right, I made up a new account just now and it didn't insist that I subscribe, and indeed it let me download the free track. (Thanks!)

    It doesn't seem like most people will figure that out without someone else telling them though... still, I could always be wrong about that.
  • Thanks! Glad to know the daily download is back.
  • It seems to have stopped the last 4 days.
  • The tracks from "Now Hear This" that are dropping once a day can be scooped up all at once on the album page.
  • eMusic's daily download seems to be gone, for the most part. Or, it serves up something that's been the daily download more than a dozen times.
  • when it's available it's almost always an electronic selection - I haven't downloaded anything for months .....
  • Ditto. I suspect the person who's now in charge of it has... an agenda.
  • and also, there are thousands of new such releases every week it seems

    Seriously, Trump probably put the Russians up to it, so that they're now flooding the New Releases pages with vast quantities of cheaply-produced cookie-cutter EDM and Techno material, all in an effort to demoralize the population and keep them from wanting to go to the polls this Fall to vote the EDM/Techno scammers out of office. It won't work, dammit!

    - Sorry ! . . . won't happen again ;)
  • Its part of his trade war ploy with Europe, he gets to keep Sub Pop and Matador, we get to have Jazz by Moonlight albums instead.
  • Hmm, there are people here who only seem to feel inclined to post when their free thing is gone. Life can be brutal at times.  o:)
  • That's not fair; most of us will also post when our free thing is restored.
  • That's not fair; most of us will also post when our free thing is restored.
    <3 <3 <3 Nice one!
  • Wot? No one mentions that the FREE Daily Download is back? Albeit some techno which I believe was a sticking point with some folk. One of these days I'll get around to availing myself :-)

  • Are we even counting those at this point?

    I've already moved my eMu bookmark so far down the list in my browser that I don't check it for days at a time. Maybe that's what eMu wants, though... I keep saying "maybe I'll go back," but since I never actually do, I wonder if this is their way of saying "don't bother us anymore unless you're serious."
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