Creating drums

Pearl Syncussion and further

Begin 90's I emulated the Pearl Syncussion Drum Synthesizer with Clavia's Nord Modular Synthesizer. Later I migrated this patch to the NMG2 platform:

For Clavia's Wave synthesizer I created this sound bank:

Roland Kuit Old Skool Drums

This sound file contain some of these samples processed on Kyma.


  • breathe.

    eye color.



    something of a conscious...returning to acrid.  eye color dismissed.  breathe, temperate and acrid.

    where?  prone, i understand up...

    conceivably my death is at hand were it not for up.

  • My goodness !  . . . and hello sir @brittleblood

    As many times before, I wish I had a clue what you are on about ?
    (Maybe more now than ever)
  • I think this is very poetic.  Thank you Sir  :)
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