Landscapes of a Voice

3 December 2016

Festival Internacional de Música Experimental en Vallecas, Sonikas XIV

La decimocuarta edición de Sonikas tendrá lugar en el Centro Cultural Lope de Vega que está situado en el barrio de Entrevías.

World premiere Landscapes of a Voice by Roland Kuit, 2016

Roland Kuit - Kyma | Karin Schomaker - Visuals

Sábado 3. [20h.] Elías Merino /// [21h.] Roland Emile Kuit + Karin Schomaker
Domingo 4. [20h.] Ann Deveria (Ángel Mancebo y José Tena) /// [21h.] Peter Kutin

Centro Cultural Lope de Vega. Madrid, Spain


  • Thank you very much !

  • These are just tests with Kyma on SC. Tomorrow the real works will be played at this festival.
  • Have considered KYMA before - just haven't taken the plunge...
    Thanks for the updates!
  • Few pictures of the concert.
    Visuals by Karin Schomaker

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    Just in

    Introduction o Landscapes of a Voice at SONIKAS X!V.
    Composers, let's create as much languages as we can!
    Madrid, Spain 2016
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    Thanks for this. The Ursonate is quite fun to perform.
    I'm in the middle of a project using voice (mine) and am
    coming to composer grips on how much alteration to
    perform on it, but I've been requested to keep the text
    both linear and understandable ("Finnegans Wake").
    Since the text segment involves a discussion of an incident
    in a park, I'm experimenting with voice alterations that produce
    a "park-like" sound experience simultaneous with the text reading.
  • Very interesting rostasi,

    hearing you I was thinking about cross-filtering your voice.
    that is a filter that you can design from park like sounds.
    or analysis, resynthesis spectra between your voice and park like sounds.

  • Yes, I'm familiar with this technique. I used it years ago, also with a Finnegans Wake text:
    one of the ten thunderclaps where the speaking of the text is cross-modulated with thunder that I recorded here at home.The difference in this case is that attempting a park-like atmosphere is less specific than something like thunder. It may be just a fleeting idea tho. The characters are talking about an event that happened in the park, but the actual talking is happening in a graveyard, I believe, so there are possibilities of one, two or even none of these scenarios. I'm still working on it.
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    I had that once at Père-Lachaise, Paris. To quiet......
    Leaves of trees as impulse responses.
  • It is my pleasure to announce this album is out.

    Landscapes of a Voice - Roland Emile Kuit

    Landscapes of a Voice - Roland Emile Kuit 
    Trajectories in the vocal spectra 

    In times of big changes this work of sound art as a tribute to the Dada movement. 

    Kurt Schwitters Ursonate makes a perfect example against war, nationalism, protectionism, racism and establishment. The reason I use his sound poetry is to transform my fears to beauty. My fear is that progress has come to an end. What rest is degradation. So how to create art on ruins of society? 
    I will create even more disturbing art. By creating a peregrination through the human soul, finding new values in an impellent quadraphonic terrain of vocal spectra.
    We can consider the speech of man as a train of monoliths, vertical sounds as spectral accumulations of sine tones. Roland Kuit created spectral tilts by technical means and these data traversing into a three-dimensional fields. As various forms of movement - migration. This can be random, or, take place according to algorithmic structures.
    World premiered at Festival Internacional de Música Experimental en Vallecas, Sonikas XIV, Madrid 2016
    Roland Kuit: Kyma
    Karin Schomaker: Visuals

    24 Parts of spectral research in voice landscapes.

    Cover design by Karin Schomaker

    Composer’s Voice: CD 221
    Barcode: 8718274610307

    On Spotify:

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    Thank you ! I've been searching a bit but it seems to be only on Spotify.

    I found this on Bandcamp:

    Roland Emile Kuit - Landscapes of a Voice Part I

    from TRUMP FUNK by V/A: Various Artists

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    Yes, I know. That means that Mr. President and myself are not close friends.
  • Also here on, later on iTunes and quadraphonic on ProstudioMasters.
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