DVD Deals (Movies/TV/etc.)

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I didn't see this as a topic, so if it fits better somewhere else,
then please move it there. I don't talk much about TV, movies
and the like because I'm more of a music guy, but I saw this
deal today (and only today) for Amazon Prime members:

The Man From U.N.C.L.E. - The Complete Series - 41 disc set
for just $45.99 and free same-day shipping(!)
So, if you are in the US (presumably available only here?)
and are a "Prime" member, you can check it out here.
One of the very few TV shows I was a big fan of as a child.


  • My boxset just arrived. America - what a country! (Y. Smirnoff)
  • Not a "deal" especially, but there is a new Criterion collection set of "Chimes at Midnight" by Orson Welles - playing Falstaff in his adaptation of Henry IV-V. This legendary movie has always been more talked about than seen, so to have a new restoration with all the bells and whistles is cause for excitement. Can I/should I wait for Christmas, is the question...
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