The Best Albums of 2016

I'm starting off this discussion in June this year with this article from the Guardian - The best albums of 2016 - so far. The only one I own is David Bowie's Blackstar, although there are a couple more I might buy if I come off my emusic hold.


  • There's some good stuff on this tiny mix tapes first quarter list; I love the Savage Young Taterbug album:
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    Ha, thanks, greg, for sending me off on the heroic quest of finding an album called "one" by an artist called "be" using emusic's search system! Got it eventually. That album is virtually google-proof.
    ETA, the label's own site says it is not available in MP3 format, but Google play and emusic have it, but Amazon does not. They will be lucky if many folk manage to buy it.
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    I'm in the camp that doesn't find much utility in music lists put out my the MSM. However, clearly many people do or they wouldn't keep publishing them.

    I have purchased very little music from 2016 and no complete albums so far. So, I'm no use in pointing you to good recently released music.

    I thought I'd be clever and point you guys to some lists of 2016 releases that people who's musical opinions I respect have published. As it turns out, not many of these folks put out yearly lists and of those that do, most only release them at the end of the year. However, there are a few exceptions to this.

    Please enjoy these sources of opinion on this year's music scene:

  • There was a new Daughter album...? Why didn't somebody tell me?

    Overall, this hasn't been a bad year so far. I liked A Moon Shaped Pool and Blackstar, but my faves would have to be the s/t debut from Minor Victories and the new Stargazer Lilies album, Door to the Sun, both of which were just released this past Friday. I also like Nothing's Tired of Tomorrow, which was released 4 weeks ago but (coincidentally?) was the eMusic free track this past Friday. So, basically, 2016 overall has been pretty good, but last Friday was fantastic!
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    I have bought a bunch of things I have liked a lot from the first half of 2016. If there were any chance of my digging out from under my huge volume of work at the moment I might get to a cluster of MiG mini-reviews - it has crossed my mind more than once, but mot much spare capacity right now. (By the time I get to free time I am in no state to want to write more). 
  • The only one of those Bandcamp albums I have is Aruan Ortiz Trio. A favorite of mine so far in the small world of jazz, but a long way to go. Of course this time last year, it was all over but the shouting
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    I have the Nonkeen album, and like it.
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    Nice Bandcamp list. Many of those I've included in physical mix and online ( collections - including a collection for a show I'm hoping to do regularly for a small town in New Mexico.

    Favorites from that list:

    Nonkeen, The Gamble

    Imarhan, Imarhan

    Oranssi Pazuzu, Värähtelijä

    Brandee Younger, Wax and Wane

    Khun Narin, II

    Open Mike Eagle, Hella Personal Film Festival

    Space Echo: The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed!

    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, EARS

    Marissa Nadler, Strangers

    Aruan Ortiz Trio, Hidden Voices

    Idris Ackamoor, We Be All Africans

    Black Milk & Nat Turner, The Rebellion Sessions

    Elite Beat, Casual Rhythms Vol. 2

  • Has everyone heard this? Really splendid stroll through the history of American song. Daydreaming that he could have lived to record 4 or 5 more like it...
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