How many musical instruments can you name

Check out this poster of Musical Instruments illustrating more than 540 instruments:
Chart of Musical Instruments

If you really like it, you can purchase your own copy....


  • And still lots missing.
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    What did you notice missing?

    There are number is instruments I hadn't heard of like the Sax-tuba. Sounds like it would be interesting in a jazz piece....
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    I didn't search everything, but it seems quite Western (I didn't find a kora (or much else African) or a gayagyum. I didn't look to see how many older instruments were there - any sackbutts?
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    Boo II
    Totally missing ;)  
  • There's a sackbut in there (top row, sector 3), and several varieties of kalimba, FWIW... still, this is 2016, so there should be at least 3, and more like 5 or 6, electric guitar varieties up there based on body type alone. (By contrast, the acoustic guitar varieties are all there and then some.) They also left out the Stick, so King Crimson fans will object, and don't even get me started on Michael Angelo Batio. Not to mention the fact that they're missing a whole slew of newfangled MIDI and DJ controllers that have been invented in the last 20 years or so. (Actually, they'll really need a whole separate chart for those.)
    Still, I might order one of these prints - it's just the right size for the space above the fold-a-bed in my spare room!  :)
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