xkcd: Garden

edited April 2016 in whirling dervish
I wish I had thought to share this with you guys yesterday. xkcd had posted a cool interactive garden comic that was actually their April Fools's post; delayed due to technical issues. Of course, time moves on and that the comic has now been replaced. However, I did a post with my experiments at my blog. You will also find a link to the Explain XKCD wiki, which has many other garden examples. If you Google "xkcd garden": you can find even more garden images, that people have created.

Sorry about missing the window for you guys to be able to create your own gardens. Hopefully you will still find the examples interesting.

Note: So far, if you leave these garden comic images up in your browser you can still seem them grow. Not sure how long xkcd will leave the server side activity going. Given their pass activity, they just might leave that ability in place indefinitely. 
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