The Train Kept a Rollin'

At one point I noticed that the subject of 'trains' was a fairly common occurrence in music that I listened to (which is kinda weird given my earlier listening focal points).  Anyway, at that time I would end up purchasing CDs by artists that were otherwise unknown/unfamiliar to me while flipping through the used CD racks because I noticed some sort of 'train' reference in a song title.  I only ever got around to putting one mixtape together of the 'better' train songs I had aqcuired.   This is one of those that sparked that whole tape:

I'm interested in getting some leads on some similar trains songs in the 'non-traditional' sense.  Post your suggestions.  Please and Thank You.



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    This was one of the songs I had on my tape: Lolita Pop - Trains of Longing:

    This is apparently the Swedish version... .I only knew the English version from my CD.... wow glad I found/stumbled on this.

    ETA:  After a bit more stumbling I finally found a youtube link to the version I'm familiar with:

  • Why limit yourself to individual songs when you can have an entire band?
  • This is likely too traditional for your use but it is my favorite train song. How they use numbers through out the song some how puts it on another level for me:

    New Riders of the Purple Sage - Glendale Train; 1971

  • Whoa YouTube just blew my mind. There is actually a posting of one of my other favorite train songs. I met this gentleman at a song work shop held at the cafe I used to own. Super nice guy working to be a doctor; last I knew. Here's one of the gems to be found in the long tail of the internet....

    Charles Parente - Invisible Trains; 1999
  • Here's one more in line with what you are looking for - great song btw:

    Guillemots - Trains to Brazil; 2006
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    This is probably not what you are looking for, but here's Banco de Gaia's IDM masterpiece from 1995:

    Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa 
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    and from the "difficult listening" department  ;) 

    David Behrman - Wave Train, for piano resonances and feedback (1966).

    David Thomas & The Wooden Birds - Coffee Train

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    Second Moon of Winter - Ghandi Missed the Train
    Second Moon of Winter at Emusers

    I could go on but I promise I will stop here . . .
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    Here is my trains playlist with links and commentary:
    it includes some history of the place of trains in recent music developments.
  • Ernst Karel - Swiss Mountain Transport Systems

    Swiss Mountain Transport Systems consists of location recordings made during the summer and fall of 2008 of the various transport systems which are specific to mountainous terrain – gondolas (aerial cable cars), funiculars, and chairlifts – of different types, of different vintages, and accessing different elevations, in different parts of Switzerland.  In this way the album is a sonic investigation of the integration of such technology into the Swiss social-geographical landscape.  Recorded from within mostly enclosed mobile environments, this emergent music includes mechanical drones, intermittent percussiveness, and transient acoustic glimpses of a vast surrounding landscape inhabited by humans and other animals.

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    - It Takes a Lot to Laugh It Takes a Train to Cry

    The Monkees ~ The Last Train To Clarksville

  • Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

  • Usually heard in Irish bars
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    Roy Buchanan - Train Blues

    Keith Emerson & Oscar Peterson - Honky Tonky Train Blues   

  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the greatest train song ever

  • Thanks everyone for the responses so far.  Quite an enjoyable variety.   I did a quick look through of my cassettes the other day to see if I still had a copy of the mixtape train songs I put together way back when but couldn't immediately find it.  I'll have to look again later - I'm sure I still have it.  In the mean time I remembered one of the other songs from that tape:

    Feargal Sharkey - Ghost Train

  • Train kept A' Rollin'

  • heh!   I used the post topic I did because I knew it was some song I heard before.... just wasn't quite able to place it.  A day later I realized it was an Aerosmith song that I was thinking of.... and the interwebs led me to this:

    The Yardbirds - Train Kept a Rollin'

    ..and then this:

    Johnny Burnette Train Kept A Rollin'

    Neither is the original but the last one is a fine stopping point for me at this point.

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    The second of 8 shows in 4 nights from them (3-D graphics with glasses).

  • I'm pretty sure I could come up with a few.
    How about the Entrance band for starters

    Silence of a Crowded Train 
  • Ok, non traditional train songs are a little more difficult, but how about Lemon Jelly

    '76 AKA The Slow Train
  • Maybe some Fembots

    Any Train
  • Well if you happened to like Bn's Banco De Gaia track, you might like Chris Watson
    (early Cabaret Voltaire)

    El Divisadero
  • My all time favourite Train song, because I like trains.  Here's a wink to ScissorMan too, thanks for the intro.

    Fred Eaglesmith -pretty traditional I suppose, but terrific none the less.

    I Like Trains
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    And who could resist Andy Partridge

    My train is coming


    Train Running Low on Soul Coal (demo from Fuzzy Warbles- like Bill Laswell I can't get enough Andy)
  • Okay, one last one before I get into some new music. I really don't understand Remixes and all that goes into that. I really liked this remix or remix of a remix, by Studio of a remix By William, of A Tangerine Dream track. Confusing or what?

    Love On A Real Train

    and the (original?) hi def new version

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    Tuxedomoon - The Train

    Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee) - Train Fare Blues

    Woody Guthrie - Train Blues

  • French Teen Idol - Last Train To Santiago

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