Concertzender Radio: Electronic Frequencies

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I was asked to produce some radio programs for the Concertzender about electronic music.
Some are presented in Dutch, but most are in English..
You can find them here:



  • Thanks, Roland.
  • You're welcome 

  • @rolandkuit If you'd waited 17 more days, it'd have been a year :)

    Vrolijk kerstfeest!

  • :) I was busy :). Best creative wishes for 2017!
  • Last broadcast of the Game changers series on Concertzender:
    25 January 2017 23:00(C.E.T)

    Electronic Frequencies

    The Game changers #10

    Composers portrait of Banrei

    Jake Harper (Banrei) was born in Washington DC in 1988.

    Formerly of New York and Berlin-based Soundwalk Collective, his work has been exhibited internationally in museums including the Tate Modern, London; Centre Pompidou, Paris; the National Museum of China, Beijing; the Tate Modern, London; and the New Museum, New York. Since 2013,  He has been working with sound and site-specific installation under the name Banrei. He was recently selected as one of the artists to exhibit in the Antarctic Pavilion in the Venice Biennale of Art 2017, the first supranational pavilion in the history of the biennial.

    In 2015, he founded Public Decibel, a sonic architecture firm whose aim is to solve place-making and urban design challenges through sound.

    A suite of 796 bursts – by Banrei.

    Bursts are incredibly short-duration electronic compositions – the rejectamenta of the music sampling process. Reduced to a gestural abstraction, sources are obscured and listeners are confronted with the primal qualities of the wavelines – roughness, harmonies, shapes.Bursts are experienced emotionally as well as physically, invoking the listener to break apart authoritatively linear narratives into a collection of simultaneous possible states.

    Listening link:

    Produced by Roland Kuit
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